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METS aims not only to assist horses and owners throughout the state, but also to educate horse enthusiasts from all over about the program and related subjects. This Blog aims to post news, events, and updates pertaining to the METS program so followers can stay informed. Read on to see what we’ve been up to!

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October 4th, 2020: METS will be co-hosting a benefit show with the Maryland Open Horse Show Series (MOHSS) on Sunday, October 4th at Schooley Mill Park. Donations will be raised by entries in the costume class for METS. Check out their website here for more info on entries.

October 20th, 2020: METS is partnering with the TRF -Blackburn Horse Show benefiting the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) and Blackburn Correctional Complex for their first ever virtual horse show! For an exciting preview, TRF has made a video to get you in the spirit! Click here for a link to their website for all the details. Mark your calendar because this show will be streaming live at 8pm EST!

As always, we greatly appreciate your support and would love to see everyone out there!


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Today, we’re excited to share two horses who have been in our placement program for quite a while. Read on to learn more about these special horses, and contact us if you’re able to give one (or both!) a home.

Meet Hot Cocoa. She was one of 21 Thoroughbreds that METS assessed in December 2018, and she is the last of the group that needs to be rehomed! With a refresher, this mare could easily excel in any discipline. Hot Cocoa raced twice at Churchill Downs before being retired from racing to become a broodmare. Our update video from March 2020 shows her first time being ridden in over 10 years! She’s got a great mind, and she is a pleasure to be around. She took to it like a pro and even wanted to go on the bit!


Meet Lawyersgunsnmoney, also known as “Robber.” He is a registered 1998 Thoroughbred gelding seeking a home as a companion. Robber’s right eye had to be surgically removed, and learning to adapt to being blind on that side has caused him to be a little nervous. However, once he knows his friends are nearby and realizes that the boogeyman is not going to get him, he settles and is very affectionate. Due to arthritis in his left hind fetlock and his blindness, his owner does not feel he should be ridden. Robber is pasture sound, and he doesn’t need any meds or supplements. He is an easy-keeper on grass, well-behaved for the vet and farrier, good with mares, and is submissive in the herd. He ties, bathes, clips, blankets, loads, and is UTD on Coggins and shots. Robber is a gorgeous boy and would make a wonderful addition to any herd.


We know that not everyone has room for an extra horse, but we have no doubt that there is room in someone’s heart for Robber or Hot Cocoa. Even if there’s no room at your own barn, please share these gorgeous horses with your friends and help us amplify our efforts! Horses like these two are why we do what we do and we appreciate your donations so we can continue helping Maryland’s horses.

Hey everyone! This is Emily, the Program Coordinator for the METS team and today we’re sharing success stories from families who have given METS horses their forever homes. When you donate to METS, you make it possible for these horses to have a chance at a better life.
















Want to share your METS horse story? The first step is to give a METS horse a home! Then, apply to join our METS Placement group on Facebook and we’ll approve you so you can share your story.

We’ve been sharing a lot about our horses lately – those who need placements urgently and also our success stories. We wouldn’t be able to change the lives of these horses without you!


You may remember from our midyear update, but METS will need to be fully self-sufficient in just a few months and we need your help! Our goal is to raise our operating costs of $100,000.

Here’s a list of ways to get you started:

DONATE! We need your donations to keep the doors open and even a donation as small as $10 can make a huge difference.

• Match it! Many employers offer matching programs for their employees to amplify their donations. Ask your company if they offer matching and we’re happy to help you with the documentation.

• Share with your friends! This one is free 😊 Share our emails and Facebook posts with your friends. Forward this email to three people! Share our Facebook posts on your personal feed!

Become a Partner! We always need volunteers to help us haul horses to their new homes and even assist in our assessment process. Do you have an equine-related business that you feel could benefit METS in some way? Let us know! We are open to your ideas.

You are an essential part of the METS network and we treasure your support!


Here at METS we love to celebrate a success story! One of our favorite stories is of a sweet pasture pony named Spud. Horses like Spud often face uncertainty in their living situations as they age, especially if they are retired from active riding and their owners face economic hardship. Remember to donate to our COVID-19 Relief Fund to help horses like Spud find new forever homes no matter what the circumstances may be.

Back in August of 2019, METS went out and assessed a pair of geldings in Queen Anne’s County. The owner’s daughter had moved out and the geldings were enjoying being horses out in the field. It was becoming financially and physically more difficult for the owner to care for the two, so he called METS to help.

One of the geldings, Lad’s Star, was registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club and had years of English pleasure, halter, hunter in-hand, Western, and 4H shows under his belt. Due to some chronic lameness in his later years, “Spud” was looking for a home mainly as a companion. Companion horses can be more difficult to place than fully rideable horses, but METS was determined to find this guy his forever home.

In October, METS supporters and volunteers Joni and Ray brought Spud home. Spud had spent most of his life living outside with his buddy, Bon Bon, so the transition to a new herd was a little difficult for him. Instead of sending him back to his previous owner when things didn’t go smoothly, Joni and Ray didn’t give up and recognized that Spud was having trouble adjusting and worked with their barn owner to find the best living situation for him. With time, Spud was able to settle into his routine and make new friends and is loving his new home with Joni and Ray!
Today, Joni says: ‘He is one happy, spoiled, pampered horse. He comes trotting up to see my husband,  which makes Ray’s day. I taught him to “smile” with clicker training, which entertains both of us. He really is the cutest, sweetest horse!”

Turns out an old horse can learn new tricks!


Help us make more success stories for Maryland’s horses. Forward our emails, share on Facebook make donations as you are able.

Hi everyone, it’s Brittney here and today I want to draw your attention to two special horses who have been searching for their forever homes for over a year!

We know not everyone is able to add another horse to their herd, so this is a great opportunity to think about who in your network you can share them with or even take a moment to donate a few dollars toward METS to keep us working hard for horses like Classy and Stitch.

Meet Ima Classy Design, she goes by Classy. A 1998 Registered Paint Mare, Classy has been in the METS program for a year and is still looking for her forever home! This mare is flashy and sweet as can be and would love to soak up any and all attention you have.

Classy is registered with the APHA and has papers that will go with her to her new home. In her younger years, she was shown 4H in English, Western, and halter, as well as trail ridden. Classy gets along with a wide variety of equines, is an easy keeper, and lives out barefoot, making her an excellent companion for someone looking for a cuddle partner. She quiet enough for an advanced beginner to work around, and she is good with kids.

What more could you ask of a companion?



Meet Stitch, he’s a 1996 Quarter Horse Gelding. Stitch has been in the METS program since February 2019, but he knows that finding his perfect match can take time. This guy lived his early life as a Civil War re-enactment horse before a career in the hunters.

Stitch is sweet and quiet and would make a great companion or addition to a therapy program where he wouldn’t have to be ridden other than the occasional walk pony ride. Stitch is happy to live in a mixed herd and is UTD on everything except Coggins, but his owner would be willing to update before he goes to his new home.

He’s a charmer just waiting to bring some light into your life!


We know that not everyone has room for an extra horse, but we have no doubt that there is room in someone’s heart for Classy or Stitch. Even if your partner says “no more horses!” be sure to share with your friends and help us amplify our efforts! Horses like Classy and Stitch are why we do what we do and we appreciate your donations so we can continue helping Maryland’s horses.

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