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Introducing Paris! Paris is a 2007 15h Trakehner/Quarter Horse Cross mare. It was such a pleasure getting to meet this lovely gal and her owner. Paris is very friendly, sweet and loves attention. While doing the assessment, she kept reaching for me wanting to be petted or see if I had any goodies on hand. Aside from looking bored while taking confirmation photos of her, not once did she give a stereotypical a mare stare. She is just the sweetest mare you will ever meet! Her owner loves Paris dearly, but unfortunately Paris is unable to do what her owner wants to achieve. Paris is looking for a very light riding (walk only) home or be a companion to someone’s show horse. Ideally, Paris would make a great mount for someone looking to go for a leisure walking trail ride as Paris prefers to work outside of the ring and in the woods. Her owner does not want Paris to go to a lesson program.

The history of Paris is unknown, as she was acquired through auction. Her owner had purchased her 2 years ago with intent to make her a foxhunting horse. Sadly, Paris was diagnosed with arthritis as level 2 lameness in her left hind hock and is uncomfortable doing any gait faster then a walk. She currently receives Equioxx once a day so she is comfortable for riding at a walk on the trails. She is ridden in English tack, but her owner sees no reason why Paris wouldn’t be fine in Western tack. X-rays of Paris’ hock are available, but only for fully screened applicants to view. During the assessment, a group of riders were tacking up and preparing for their own ride at the same time. Paris barely batted an eye at them as they rode off separating themselves from her. Paris was ridden alone in the ring below the barn and remained cool, calm and focused on her rider. She is comfortable being ridden alone and rather be out on the trails! An intermediate rider is recommended for Paris because even though she is a level headed ride, she will need an owner who has experience to accommodate her arthritis.

Paris is quite an easy keeper! She lives outside 24/7 and gets only a handful of grain. She is fine turned out with a mixed herd and is neutral in the pecking order. When we turned her out after the assessment, she did not care that her friends were on the other side of the field and decided the new poop piles she came across were more interesting. She would make a great companion for someone’s show horse because she does not mind being alone in the field. She is currently barefoot and is trimmed regularly. She was just recently floated, up to date on her Coggins and her shots. She is dewormed quarterly. She stands for the farrier, vet, dentist, needles, trailers, cross ties, easy to catch and halter and is fine being stalled.

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