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In this loveliest of seasons may you find many reasons for happiness. May 2022 bless you with love, peace, and happy healthy horses. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, and sending lots of love from our METS family to yours!

METS Alum Shane


Someone needs to have this cute face in their barn! Cloudy is a 2013 10.5h Miniature gelding that is bursting with personality. Cloudy’s current owner has owned him for the past 8 years, since Cloudy was born. Cloudy may be small, but his personality is huge! He is quite a spunky and spirited fellow who just wants your attention on him all the time. He is also very curious and inquisitive of things around him. During his assessment, Cloudy decided to raid the METS bucket of handy items to see if there were any treats hiding for him! He loves getting attention like face scratches, butt rubs or going for walks with his human.

At no fault of his own, Cloudy is looking for his next home as a companion only. Cloudy’s current owner loves him dearly, but her farm isn’t well suited for Cloudy’s needs. Cloudy has a history of foundering and prone to laminitis. His current home is just too grassy for him, so Cloudy needs a home with a dry lot to accommodate his grass sensitivity. He does have some rotation, and the owner would be happy to supply x-rays to pre-screened inquiries. Placing a grazing muzzle on Cloudy has been attempted numerous times in the past, but Cloudy is too clever and always managed to pull them off. Cloudy currently gets metformin 3x a day, insulinwise 2x a day and triple crown balancer as directed by the vet. Cloudy can be mouthy and playful with his handlers and isn’t a fan of taking his medications. Because of this, he is best suited for an intermediate handler who can make sure he gets his medications properly, work with his playful behavior and manage his insulin resistance.

Cloudy wears hoof boots 24/7, except for a short period or two throughout the week to let his feet get some air. It was advised by both Cloudy’s farrier and vet that he wear them 24/7. We did video him walking without his boots, and saw he is more comfortable with his boots on. Cloudy stood still while tied to be groomed, but he can get a little mouthy waiting to be done. He is good for bathing, haltering, picking feet, leading, and is good around dogs and chickens. His current owner likes to take him for walks in their neighborhood, along with her teen daughter. That is Cloudy’s favorite activity! Cloudy is good in mixed herds and is not dominant. He will definitely need a friend to keep him company in his next home! Cloudy is up to date on his yearly shots but is due for his Coggins which his owner can have done before being rehomed. Cloudy will be rehomed with his hoof boots and medications. Cloudy’s owner will consider rehoming Cloudy outside of Maryland to states that directly surround Maryland only – PA, WV, DE and VA.

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