A Few METS Alum Horse Updates!



The Maryland Fund For Horses set a goal to raise $5,000 for Blackie’s surgery, and they succeeded! We are so thrilled that Blackie will be able to get his much needed surgery. Thank you to everyone to contributed!


METS Alum Phoenix is doing great in his new home! His new owner, Joy, gave us an update that we are so excited to share with you!

“Phoenix fit right into life at the farm from the moment he arrived. His kind gentle eye, the one that attracted me to him, assured me that even though he was anxious that he was ready to start a new life at a new farm, with new friends and owner. He has become friends with all of my horses, as if he had been here for years. Each day he comes to the fence to get his treats and kisses from me. He enjoys days of grooming and pampering to riding the trails around the farm or just being a horse with his buddies in the field. He loves being in his stall and enjoyed standing under the fans over the summer to beat the heat!”

“Even though he was very nervous to pick up his feet to be cleaned or stand on the cross ties, he never took his eye off of me re-assuring me he could and would do it. We have accomplished so much since that wonderful September day, he came to the farm. I continue to enjoy watching his progress and seeing his delight in getting to be a horse without issue. He is a pleasure to be around! I am so proud of Phoenix and the trust he has put in me. I am thankful to METS for the incredible work they do or I would not have found such a bright light in this wonderful horse. I look forward to learning more from him and watching his growth and potential as a horse that is full of life and will go on and live that life to it’s fullest potential.”

Joy recently made a gracious donation to METS in honor of Phoenix and as a thank you for connecting her to his previous owner. Every dollar donated helps us to keep making matches. We thank you Joy!!

Save the date! Good Choice Farm Pony Club Riding Center is hosting a tack sale benefitting METS on December 12th from 10am to 3pm!

Join us to sell or buy tack and other equestrian related clothing, supplies and accessories. Need a holiday gift? There will be items to purchase for equine enthusiasts too!

Table rentals are $15 each, which will be donated to the Maryland Equine Transition Service. Tack sale will be hosted in an covered and ventilated ring. Table set up will be from 9am to 10am.

Call or email Kevin to reserve your space today!
Email: kevinbowie1951@gmail.com.
Phone: 301-788-4224.

Address: 15530 Comus Road, Clarksburg MD 20871.


Chessa is sweet and as pretty as they come. She is a Thoroughbred mare that was foaled in 2016. Never raced nor has a tattoo but is microchipped. This kind young lady is looking for a forever home where she can continue to be loved, pampered and have the very important job as a solid companion horse.

Chessa is gentle and submissive to other horses but cares deeply for them. This does leave her currently quite herd bound. She also sadly suffered a pasture injury as a 3 year old. This left her with a fractured pelvis, that is fully healed but has caused significant muscle atrophy over her left hip and hindquarter area. Prior to her injury, after arriving from Laurel racetrack, she was started very lightly in work. She was well behaved and quiet. After her injury, and clearance from the vet, she was turned out to pasture to rest a recuperate.


She is only suited to being a companion horse due to her injury. Her current owner did have her evaluated as a broodmare. It is strongly advised that she not be bred due to identified complications resulting from the original pelvic fracture. She is pasture sound and requires no special maintenance other that the usual TB care such as grain, good quality pasture/hay and routine farrier care. It was noticed during her visit that she was a little off in front at the trot, likely as a result from hard summer ground, flat thin soles and needing to be trimmed. A farrier may advise shoes for a cycle or so, but otherwise she goes barefoot.

For more information or to apply for Chessa, go to:

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