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Wantan is an extremely engaging 16.2hh thoroughbred gelding. He was born in 2005. He is well bred, well educated and a joy to be around. He was imported from Argentina, having had an amazing and successful career as a steeplechase racehorse. He is looking for a companion only home or a home that would take the time to assist him in being sound and suitable enough for light riding. He was not completely sound in his hind and his owner thinks maybe he has stringhalt. During our assessment we didn’t see any exaggerated gate, just a happy and willing boy to work in hand for us at the walk and trot. He is a bright and friendly guy and certainly loves spending time with his people. His owner would consider out of State for the right person.


Wantan is a true sweetheart. He nickered to us as we approached him in the barn. A super friendly guy indeed. He was wonderful for catching, haltering, crossties and grooming. He was very easy to handle, as well as for leading out to his photo shoot and then walking and trotting in hand in the open space while we were videoing him. He seemed to enjoy having a job for the day and maintained a cool calm composure throughout the whole session.

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