Thoroughbred Mare, Unknown Registration

Free to Good Home

DOB: 2016 Height: 15.2 H Location: Talbot County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Rider Suitability:
N/A (Companion Only)
Handler Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Chessa is sweet and as pretty as they come. She is a Thoroughbred mare that was foaled in 2016. Never raced nor has a tattoo but is microchipped. This kind young lady is looking for a forever home where she can continue to be loved, pampered and have the very important job as a solid companion horse.

Chessa is gentle and submissive to other horses but cares deeply for them. This does leave her currently quite herd bound. She also sadly suffered a pasture injury as a 3 year old. This left her with a fractured pelvis, that is fully healed but has caused significant muscle atrophy over her left hip and hindquarter area. Prior to her injury, after arriving from Laurel racetrack, she was started very lightly in work. She was well behaved and quiet. After her injury, and clearance from the vet, she was turned out to pasture to rest a recuperate.

She is only suited to being a companion horse due to her injury. Her current owner did have her evaluated as a broodmare. It is strongly advised that she not be bred due to identified complications resulting from the original pelvic fracture. She is pasture sound and requires no special maintenance other that the usual TB care such as grain, good quality pasture/hay and routine farrier care. It was noticed during her visit that she was a little off in front at the trot, likely as a result from hard summer ground, flat thin soles and needing to be trimmed. A farrier may advise shoes for a cycle or so, but otherwise she goes barefoot.

Chessa currently lives out in a lovely paddock with two bigger and older TB mares that are in foal. She is very attached to them and was quite herd bound. We did have to perform her assessment in the paddock for safety of the handler and safety of Chessa. She reared a little and trotted some circles around handler briefly. Although not wishing to leave her dear friends, once the other horses were close by, she remained calm, settled and very polite for her handler. The two pasture mates were having quite a lot of fun cantering past her etc.!!!
Chessa was lovely to handle for catching, haltering, grooming and general handling. She willingly picked up feet but did show some expected stiffness with her hind legs. It was noted by her owner that she is great to tie up for grooming etc. in the stall. She has only been tied in the stall and not observed on crossties in an aisleway. A note was made that she is not a fan of needles/shots. As a reminder, she was only seen in the paddock and not in a stall or barn for the assessment.

Her current owner would love to see her go to a home that had a handful of horses. Where Chessa would continue to be loved as much as she is now but giving her a more formal role as babysitter to another horse/s or foals. Chessa would likely need an intermediate/advanced handler due to working through her herd bound tendances. However, she likely would be gentle and easy for children to groom and love on, while under supervision from her experienced handler.

She is up to date with her vaccinations but is due for her teeth to be floated. Her current owner will pull a new Coggins for her prior to transition.

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