Two Happy Happy Homes For Four Happy Happy Horses!


A happy ending for Rocky, Mika and Napolean!

Congratulations to Rocky, Mika, Napolean and their new owner Charmaine! Rocky, Mika and Napolean were living at the same farm, owned by two different owners. When applicant Charmaine came out to meet Rocky, she knew she had to take Mika and Napolean too! It’s always a blessing when horses who enter METS together, stay together!

Here’s what new owner, Charmaine, had to say:
We are so happy to have all our new babies with us. All 3 trailered well with no problems, thank God!  Everyone is settling in so well with our other 2 guys. My little grandson loves his ponies, he calls them Marshmallow and Sprinkles. Rocky is now Flynn and he has transited beautifully. he is the boss of our other 2 guys but all are getting along. Everyone is coming in at night to nice warm stalls now and loving it. Our fields are flat and that is helpful to Flynn’s arthritis. We are already putting all 5 horses together in the same field some days and everyone is getting along great. It was the first time our 2 boys ever saw a mini horse. I don’t think they knew what to think of such tiny horses, it was very funny watching their reaction to meeting them in the field the first time. They already act they everyone’s been there for ever.”

A happy ending for Khaleesi!

Khaleesi at her new barn being a goof!

Congratulations to Khaleesi and her new owner, Nancy! Khaleesi had a very loving and caring owner, who no longer could ride and reached out for METS help. When Nancy saw Khaleesi, she knew she had to apply for her!

Here is what Nancy had to say when she first applied:
I longed for a horse throughout my youth and lived on a property with the perfect setting for one – barn with stall, large fields with shade and pond – but my family’s marina business took priority. After graduate school, work and raising my son and life in general took over and my dream of having my own horse faded. I met Meg through her father/my husband and over the past 11 years have seen how she has built her life around her love for horses. She has an extra stall in her barn and I finally have the means to comfortably support full care of a horse and the time to devote to learning to ride and care for a horse myself. METS is a wonderful program – I would love to re-home a horse who is in need of a new caring family while fulfilling my long-delayed dream.”

Khaleesi and Nancy’ step-daughter, Meg, hitting the trails.

Khaleesi has 3 new pasture mates, a big comfy stall and will be living the adventurous life as a trail horse! Nancy’s step-daughter, Meg, has already started taking her out on the trails at their farm. Meg and her husband love to go camping with their horses, and Nancy plans to join them with Khaleesi (along with her own husband too, of course!).

Khaleesi is the sweetest, kindest and gentlest horse I have ever met,” says Meg. “She loves being scratched between her cheek bones, down her neck, and rubbing her head against your arm! The bond that Khaleesi and Nancy have already formed blows my mind. It’s like Khaleesi knows Nancy is her new mom, and walks directly up to Nancy every time Nancy walks out into the pasture to bring Khaleesi in.”

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Stan is a true sweetheart. He is a big, beautiful OTTB gelding and has a huge heart to match. He stands at 16.2 HH tall and is truly a magnificent boy. He is sweet, willing and easy. He is very friendly and loves his humans. He came off the track and has been with his current owner for five years.
He is looking for a companion only home, or a home that would provide him with fun activities such as Liberty work or non-riding therapy work. His owner would prefer him to stay in Maryland but would be open to out of state for the right person. This guy is going to make someone a lovely horse to enjoy and spend time with.
Stan was sadly diagnosed with advanced Low Ringbone in his front right. He also has some Bone Spurs. His owner has tried injections, shockwave and light therapy to make him more comfortable. He sadly will not become sound enough to ride. Somebody that decides to take him on may wish to invest in helping him to be more comfortable as time progresses. Ringbone is a degenerative issue that cannot be cured. It can be managed through pain medication and various therapies.

Stan is otherwise in great condition. He’s in good weight and muscle tone. He is bright and alert. He wears front shoes. He does have a very slight clubfoot on his front left. He was easy for haltering, catching, leading, crossties, grooming, picking feet, etc.
We enjoyed seeing Stan in the arena with his owner. He lunged at the walk and trot, although not sound at the trot. He followed her and enjoyed wandering around the ring walking over various poles and other activities. You can see that he likes to engage with people and enjoys having some quiet work. He clearly loves to please and enjoys praise when he’s a good boy. He has an awesome personality and character.
Stan is up to date with his vaccinations, Coggins, dental work and Farrier. His owner will provide medical records, including X rays, to fully screened applicants that she connects with. He would be completely fine with 24 hour turn out with appropriate shelter. He is equally fine with partial stall time. He is very easygoing and laid back. He is fine with mares or geldings.


Interested in Stan? Let us know!


Hank is looking for a super private farm that is looking to add the most pleasant companion horse to their home. He could quite happily provide a super opportunity for little grandkids or children to love him, groom him and take short pony rides around a field with him. Equally he would be very well suited to a non-riding therapy program. He’s very willing, straight forward and trustworthy. He is not suited for lesson programs at this time.
Hank was acquired by his current person as a walk/trot lesson horse prospect. He came from Ohio and joined them just in April of 2021. Sadly there may have been some dishonesty on the seller’s behalf, as upon arrival and after a time of decompression from his trip, he started to exhibit bucking and back soreness.
After much effort and investment, his current owner was faced with a diagnosis of Kissing Spine. This was diagnosed after radiographs were taken. He is a very stoic horse and has done a great job to try to do his best. His current owner has tried massage therapy, acupuncture, injections and physical therapy at no success, other than having him now be unreactive to back palpitations.
He is therefore very comfortable and very happy as a non-riding horse. He has not been evaluated for Kissing Spine surgery. His current owner would be open to a new home exploring that option if they had the means to do so.

Hank is otherwise in excellent condition. He is a good weight, barefoot, and on no supplements or medications. He is beyond easy to handle and care for. He will stand quietly and patiently on the crossties for grooming, picking feet and all that good stuff. He can go on 24hr turnout or partial turn out. He is fine with geldings or mares. He is also fine with private turn out. He’s very easy to lead and work with.
Hank is up to date for his shots, Coggins, hoof care and dental work. He is clearly very well taken care of horse, no matter what. He is a real sweetheart and a very gentle soul. He will make a very lovely horse for someone.

Interested in Hank? Let us know!

South African Spice "Spice"

Spice is a rather lovely and very sweet Thoroughbred Mare. Born in 2003 and standing at 16hh. This gentle and kind lady is as easy as they come. She has a history of dressage and trail riding and has been with her current owner since she was 5 years old.
She has lived a wonderful life where she has been pampered and adored thoroughly. She is looking for a special home where she can become a wonderful companion to another horse or two, and her new human being. Due to her beautiful conformation, movement and disposition, she may also be a super broodmare prospect. Spice is beyond gentle and easy to handle. She is very easy to catch, halter, groom and for general handling. She is very polite and willing. She is calm and a true pleasure to spend time with.
Spice was diagnosed with EPM in 2019. Later in 2020, after initial treatments, she had some internment lameness in her front left. At this same time it was discussed that she may well also have Kissing Spine. A second opinion, with overview of x-rays, felt that her aliments more so coincided with EPM. Her dedicated owner has poured all of her time, effort and resources into helping her to become sound for riding. Sadly all of her hard work has not currently resolved the situation.

She is an easy keeper, is extremely calm, loves bath time and being pampered. She enjoys the company of a nice quite gelding but has been out with mares too. She tends to do better with a smaller and kinder group of horses. She is a huge fan of her stall but more recently has made the switch to field boarding.
Spice is currently shod all round. She may well be fine to transition the no shoes behind as her hoof quality is fairy great. She is up to date with shots, dental visit and Coggins. Her owner is willing to consider out of State to the right home. Medical records can be provided with owner’s consent only to fully screened applicants.

Interested in Spice? Let us know!

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