Giving Thanks In This Month of Giving


~ METS Horse ‘Bold’ with Mom and Corgi ~

METS in on a mission to spread far and wide across the whole of MD. Our goal is to help as MANY horses as humanly possible to find SAFE & LOVING long term homes.

We are a small (but mighty) team of staff. We are supported by our kind Volunteers and generous Donors. It’s no secret that we cannot do this without YOU!

We are a Non Profit that is unique and forward thinking in it’s design. This means that we rely solely upon funding from outside sources to keep METS  thriving & alive.

We often do not qualify for Traditional Grants. This is due to not having a physical location in which we house the horses in our program.

Our goal is to create a stable (yes, pun intended) and long lasting Organization – so that we can continue to do the very much needed, wanted and praised work that we do.

~ METS Horse ‘Kitt’ with Mom & Assistant Whitney ~

Funding Raising is no small feat. We all know that. So we, as a community, need to come together to continue to make the METS Magic happen.

So what does that look like? It looks like small and large Personal Donations. A one time or monthly gift. It all helps to cover our costs for ‘doing business’.

It looks like Partnering with other Businesses and Organizations. Tack Sales, Shows, Special events that benefit METS, do wonders.

It looks like making new Connections with large creative fundraisers. One’s that commit to hosting annual benefit events like a Winter Gala or Spring Concert.

~ METS Horse ‘Stan’ Grazing after his Assessment ~

Over all we are open to partnering with any and all that advocate for METS, and the amazing horses we help to stay out of the slaughter pipeline.

So in this Month of Giving we wish to give you the hugest of THANKS for your continued kindness and generosity. We know that you have many choices for where to share your financial support.

With METS, your donation is truly cherished.

The Maryland Equine Transition Service is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means we are a non-profit. Horses in need of transition come in every shape, size, breed, color, age, training level, and temperament. METS provides individualized services for these horses, including equine assessment, marketing assistance, end-of-life support, and facilitating the transition of horses to new homes. Your generous donation can help METS operate and continue offering these special services to both owners and horses in need!
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Mark your calendar for #GivingTuesday (November 30th) and #GivingWeek (November 22nd – 28th)! Take a stand against Horse Slaughter and support equine welfare by donating to the Maryland Equine Transition Service!

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity, encouraging people to do good. It has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Amazing news! The Maryland Horse Breeders Association graciously agreed to match donations made to METS during Giving Week! Your donation can help sponsor an assessment for a horse in need of a new home.


Peach is a beautiful young lady born in 2016 with unlimited potential. She stands at 16.3hh as an OTTB. She has an intelligent kind eye and very sweet face. She really captures your attention and has a lovely brightness about her, while remaining calm and collected. Her current owner would love to see her go to a teen or program where teens could enjoy her.
A sweet story is that her owner is a huge thoroughbred lover. At the age of 16 her off the track thoroughbred, that she took on really helped her through those challenging years. She would love to see Peach do the same for someone else. Peach is bright and athletic and would likely fit perfectly into the Hunter/jumper or eventing world. Her current owner would consider out of state for the right person but would rather her stay somewhat local.
Peach is a easy keeper with no medical conditions or issues. She did have a slight bowed tendon but is fully healed. She returned to racing for one more year after the fact. It should not impede or interfere with her new career. This would be ss long as someone takes the time to start her the right way, bringing her along steadily and slowly with regards to fitness and conditioning. Peach will need an advanced rider and or trainer initially. She knows the basics but is still green.

Peach is a complete blank slate. She came off the track and retired from racing in Fall of 2020. Her owner took her on so that she could rest and recoup for one year, and just get to be a horse. She had hoped to be able to start her again under saddle and enjoy her, but her facilities are only set for rehab and non-riding work. Her owner feels that she has much to give to a new person, and she therefore has made the tough decision to part with her so that she can fulfill along happy riding life with somebody special. Her current owner has provided a lovely safe quiet home for her, and she hopes that the new person will enjoy her as much as she has.
We met Peach in her field. She was very sweet and easy to catch and groom. She walked in hand wonderfully and has excellent ground manners. She was very willing and engaged. She was calm and collected and ready for anything we asked of her. She is still young and a thoroughbred, so it was noted that if she was taken into a barn area or to a new place, she may be much more animated in the beginning. With time and adjustment, regular handling and work, she will settle right back into her usual wonderful self.
Peach is up to date with vaccinations Coggins, feet trimming and all the good stuff that’s required to be sent off on her way. She is currently on 24 hour turn out and is fine with geldings or mares. She is very neutral in the herd. She is fine in a stall also and is quite easygoing when she is in her routine.

Interested in Peach?


Wally is a beautifully put together, 15.2 hh Appendix horse. Born in 2013 with a bright eye and kind heart. He is straightforward, simple, loving and caring. Very patient, steady minded and would quite happily enjoy time with his humans or relaxing in the pasture with his herd mates.
Wally is looking for a companion home or a non-ridden therapy setting. This would be where he can quietly engage with humans or horses of all types. His owner is open to him going outside of Maryland to the right home. He has a history of being a Man’s Foxhunting horse.
He was purchased as a good quality lesson horse for a wonderful program, but shortly after they started him in work in March 2021, he displayed being uncomfortable and having issues while being worked. After various types of attempted remedy, he was finally diagnosed with severe kissing spine after being X rayed. Unfortunately, injections did not help the situation at all. It is not known whether he would be a good candidate for kissing spine surgery because the condition is affecting 5 + vertebrae.

Wally is one of those amazing horses that is perfect for all handling. He has exceptional ground manners, leading well and will lunge at the walk/trot/canter. We were very impressed to know that he had not been worked with or asked to do anything special for around four months. He quietly came out and headed to the ring to have his photo shoot and video footage.
He will stand forever while you take your time to groom and pamper him. He’s a handsome chap that will catch the eye of all those that spend time with him. There really is nothing negative to say about Wally. It is a shame about his diagnosis, but he has much to give to someone looking for a lovely safe and loyal companion horse.
Wally is an easy keeper and is barefoot all-round. He can go out with mares or geldings. He’s currently out 24/7 with a herd of mares that love him very much so. We enjoyed seeing him hang out quietly with his head over the gate with us while we chatted about him.

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Squire is a lovely homebred Thoroughbred gelding. He was born in 1999 and is around 16.2hh and maybe a little taller. This guy is steady and willing. He was started under saddle professionally as a youngster, being sent away for 2 two weeks. Since then, he has been very lightly ridden due to family circumstances and a crisis. He can walk, trot and canter under saddle – in and out of the ring.

His owner would love to see him go to a home that could provide him with love and attention.  Someone skilled in continuing to bring him along, being mindful of his age but not letting that stop him from enjoying a full riding life. He has been very fortunate to have a very kind and gentle life – this means he does not present as his true age and has many years to give to someone.

He is green but incredible willing with a good level head on his shoulders. He is lacking muscle tone and could use a little more over all conditioning and weight. He is sound and is free of any past injury or illness.
He is a mild cribber but is controlled fully with a collar. With more activity, the urge for cribbing will likely reduce. We did not see him crib at all during our visit.

He’s a wonderful boy for all grooming, handling, tacking and lunging. He is a very sweet guy indeed and a true gentleman.

His elderly owner spoke of her husband that sadly passed quite some time ago. She explained how he loved Squire so very much, proudly admiring his conformation and stature, and dreaming of sitting atop of him while out hunting in the beautiful countryside. Sadly, his dream did not come to fruition, but we know that he will be watching over Squire and his lucky new person, that will be appreciating and enjoying him just as much as he did and hoped to.

He currently lives in a small herd with one gelding and mare. The mare is his full sister. He is submissive in the herd. He is bare foot, would benefit for shoes in front and will likely need Fall shots, dental visit and updated Coggins before heading off to his new home. Ideally his owner would love to see him go with his full sister ‘County’ who is just as nice as he is but not yet started under saddle.

Squire’s owner is willing to consider out of State to the right home and is also negotiable on her list price.

Interested in Squire? Let us know!

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