Success Stories To Start Your Weekend!


Can you think of anything better than a soft landing for horses in need of transition?

We can’t! Here are some updates from our transition owners about their METS alumni!


Transition owner, Melanie, posted this cute picture of her mare, Winter (formerly known as Shady Lady). Here’s what Melanie had to say:
“Look who saddled up for a little ride today. Winter doesn’t need desensitization training and is a goofball getting groomed and tacked. She stands to be mounted. Lots of good stuff! She’s still really confused about cues and acts like she’s never been ridden, but I was able to get her moving forward a few decent baby steps. Grayson (formerly known as Gray Wolf) came running over, neighing to her – I think he was encouraging her to behave!”


Badge (left) and Bean (right) went together to their new home with Kirsten about a month ago. These guys were a bonded pair and Kirsten was happy to take both! She says they’ve settled in well and they’re currently working on learning to be comfortable and confident when apart.


Diego and his human competed in their first rodeo earlier in April. The pair won first in goat tying and had a great breakaway go on a fast calf! We’re excited to see what else this pair can accomplish!


Are you looking for your next equine partner? Check out all our available horses in the link above and inquire for more info. We could be posting about your success story next!