Meet the Team!


Meet Our METS Team!
Last week, you met Program Coordinator Emily Stakem. This week, we’re introducing Assessments Specialist Katy Whipple. Read on to learn more!


Hi, METS family! I’m Katy Whipple, and I’m the Assessments Specialist for METS. A little about my role: My first interaction with METS owners is during the in-person assessment, where I gather as much information as possible about their horse, their situation, and what resources might be of most use to them. If rehoming is in the cards, I put together the horse’s marketing posts, and then I field all inquiries and process all applications. If euthanasia is the best choice, I coordinate all aspects of the procedure, helping to make this difficult time as light a burden as possible on the owner. No matter what resources are needed—rehoming, euthanasia, vet procedures, transport—we do our best to offer timely, judgment-free, and responsible resources to our owners.

Personally, I’ve been involved with horses since I was a kid living in England. I took a longer-than-expected break in young adulthood, but I’ve been happily re-embracing my role in the industry in the past few years. I’ve ridden in a number of different disciplines, though mostly English.

I first learned of METS when it was a brand-new program, when I was working with a local equine rescue. METS was barely off the ground when I attended an info meeting, and I signed up to be a volunteer right away. When they advertised they were looking to fill the Assessments Specialist position, I applied immediately! METS fills a vital role in the equine community, assisting owners who need to transition their animals for a wide variety of reasons. Many Maryland equine rescues and sanctuaries are at or close to capacity, which means these owners have fewer options for safe, responsible transition of their horses. METS fills that need, keeping more horses safe from vulnerable situations.


METS Success Story: Mal
La Malandrina’s success story is one that had a winding road—something that is not uncommon in transitioning horses. Her original owner exhibited patience and flexibility, putting in effort to understand Mal’s drawbacks and to find solutions to make her a more marketable, safe horse for her future owner. Mal is now sound, happy, and loving life with her new owner!

There are many horses like Mal who take time to find their perfect match. Please consider donating to sponsor a transition so we can continue to provide assistance for horses in need of transition.

If you don’t have room for one of our METS horses, please consider making a donation to help fund their safe rehoming. We are still working hard to raise our operating costs for next year and need your help to continue our valuable service for Maryland’s horses and horse owners.