Addressing the Equine COVID-19 Crisis: Collaborating to Assist Maryland’s Horses



 [Woodbine, MD – April 2, 2020 ] – The Maryland Fund For Horses (MFFH) and Maryland Equine Transition Service (METS) will be banding together to assist horse owners throughout the state affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis. MFFH and METS are collaborating to provide an expanded safety net geared toward keeping as many horses as possible out of danger during this challenging time. Horses are now at higher risk of ending up at auction, sent to slaughter, or being neglected.

While MFFH is a program geared toward enabling owners to keep their horses, METS aims to assist owners who can no longer keep them. MFFH is a 501c3 non-profit that provides financial aid rebates and vouchers for health care and hay. METS is a program of the Maryland Horse Council Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, with a focus on helping owners by assisting them with either safely rehoming or humanely euthanizing their horses.

Maryland owners who find themselves in need of assistance are encouraged to reach out and ask for help. Those needing assistance with goods, services, and other safety net resources should contact MFFH. Owners needing assistance with rehoming or euthanasia should reach out to METS.

MFFH and METS are also seeking tax-deductible, in-kind donations in the form of horse-quality square hay bales, hay substitutes, vaccinations, dewormers, feed, and funds. Individuals, businesses, and organizations wishing to partner to contribute to the COVID-19 relief efforts can contact METS for further information.

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