METS Introduces COVID-19 Recovery Fund


METS COVID-19 Emergency Funding


Help Maryland’s At-Risk Horses find a new home or face a potentially inevitable fate: cross border transportation to be slaughtered.

METS has operated over the last few years due in part to a very generous three-year grant from the Arnall Family Foundation. These funds will be depleted at the end of this year.

Support for METS has never been more critical. As funding wanes, we anticipate a flood of inquiries from individuals looking to rehome their horses. COVID-19 has put an overwhelming financial burden on many horse owners who may be forced to give up their horses. Inquiries just now begin to trickle in, the effect of a crisis like this isn’t generally seen immediately. As unemployment continues to rise and fewer and fewer Americans receive the relief that they so desperately need, they will need to make desperate decisions about their horses.

This is why we are asking you now for help. Please consider making a gift, if are you able, to help support of the work of rehoming Maryland’s horses.

We are ramping up resources as we speak in order to provide support to as many of these owners as possible and find homes for these horses.

Help us Help Maryland Horses Now!