A METS Success Story: Jade


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METS Success Story: Jade

Ebony Jade (“Jade”) transitioned to her new home all the way in North Carolina! Here’s what her new owner, Allison, who has a few rescues in her herd, had to say:

“We shared laughter and tears; we shared the bittersweet moments of allowing for old chapters to close and new chapters to begin. Jade’s mom and I have been speaking for months and ultimately she drove her all the way here from Maryland to guarantee a safe retirement home for this mare who she rescued off a slaughter truck 20 years ago. Jade is not a rescue addition to our farm: She will fill the important role of seasoned herd leader to our younger horses who did not have an opportunity to learn horse social skills from their parents.

It is important to remember that animal rescue exists to support in ordinary as well as extraordinary cases. Jade has been cared for and loved for her whole life and her mom made a selfless decision to find her a new pasture where she can safely live out her days.

Jade is now here in body but she has always been here in spirit. Glad to have you home, Ebony Jade.”

We at METS are so very thankful to our transition homes, who are able to bring so much love to their new partners. Thank you to Allison, and all of our METS horse owners, for opening their hearts to a horse in need of transition!

Are you looking for your next partner in crime, or just want a cuddly field friend? Check out our list of available horses! Email horses@mdequinetransition.org so we can help you bring home a horse in need of transition!