Meet our new METS staff member!


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Meet our new METS staff member:
Program Coordinator, Megan Keating

Hello my fellow equestrian enthusiasts! My name is Megan Keating and I am the new program coordinator for METS. My position here is to provide administrative support that keeps the METS program moving forward.

Horses have been apart of my life for a very long time. I grew up riding English competing in Hunter/Jumpers and Equitation. I soon discovered the world of Eventing in college and switched to that. After college I decided to swap disciplines and started to learn how to barrel race. I also am very interested in learning mounted archery and started taking steps towards doing it. However my main passion is trail riding. My husband (who also rides) and I love trail riding and going camping with our horses. We are members of the League of Maryland Horsemen which is one of our go to spots to get away for the weekend with our two mares.

Why METS? My passion is horses. And now my job is horses. When someone enters a situation making it not ideal for horses, METS provides the tools and assistance needed to transition that horse to a loving home safely. I have experienced a horse that was rehomed and then ended at auction for a pretty penny. If METS had been available at that time, that horse would never had to endure that. METS helps relieves owners of that fear and ensures the horse finds their forever home. And I love that I get to be apart of that!