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METS is nothing short of a genius organization!

Rescues only have a limited amount of space and resources, so auction may be the only choice for someone looking to rehome. Sadly in most cases, auction never ends well for the horse. The reality is that they are sometimes mishandled and often sold for meat.

METS does not take ownership or physical custody of any horse. This means that we can help as many horses as our hearts desire. Which is fantastic news to our Maryland horses and their owners.

We accept applications for ANY horse of any age, breed, size, training or health level. Some horses will be suited to a companion home and some will be an amazing riding partner for a variety of disciplines!

Although some horse’s need of a new home is more urgent that others, none of our horses come from abusive or neglectful homes. In fact their owners are amazingly brave for reaching out to us for help. It could be that there is a financial challenge, change of circumstance, or simply that they care for their horse so much, but know that the current situation may not be the perfect match.

Spud with his new person

Here’s what the process looks like…..

    • Current horse owner contacts us and submits paperwork to request transition assistance

    • An in person assessment will be scheduled with our Assessment Specialist and a volunteer scribe

    • During the assessment the horse will be thoroughly evaluated and then have their official METS photo and video shoot!

    • Within 48hrs, the horse will have a detailed write up created, along with a fancy little video for our website and FB page and some lovely photos to show them off

    • People can then apply through our website to any horse they may be interested in

    • We then thoroughly screen the applicant through speaking directly with four references (Vet, Farrier & x2 personal). We also conduct an over the phone interview with the applicant

    •  Once an applicant is successful, their info will be shared with the horse’s owner. It is then up to the owner to reach out if they feel it would be a good fit. Usually this will result in a phone call, ‘meet & greet’ and then a site visit to hopeful new home.

    • METS is there every step of the way as needed. This is for the Horse, the Owner and for the Applicant. METS does not make the final decision for placement, that is the current owners right and responsibility – after all they love and know their horse the best. 

    • METS also provide certain resources to horse owners, such as; financial aid, fostering, veterinary support, euthanasia, transporting and education. All through our wonderful partnership program, by kind donations and wonderful fundraising events.

As always, we are so very grateful and honored to be able to assist and help our Maryland Equine community in such a way. We couldn’t do this without all of your kind support!

So, continue spreading the word about METS, commenting on and sharing our FB posts and donating your time or resources where you can.

Together we are Standing Against Slaughter & Standing Against Inhumanity for our lovely Maryland based horses and ponies. 



Don’t forget to stop by and say ‘Hi’ to Jess, our Development Officer, on Saturday, August 14th at Blue Horse Farm! The event is sponsored by the Fredrick Area Dressage Shows (FADS), which will be a benefit show for METS.

Entries open July 24th, visit FADS for more info and to sign up.

FADS Website

Blue Horse Farm Event



Volunteer Roll Call!

We are back to doing in-person assessments and events! Are you over 18 years of age and interested in helping us help MD horses? Are you currently on our volunteer list? Send us an email to confirm your volunteer status or to sign up! Email: info@mdequinetransition.org





Chessa is sweet and as pretty as they come. She is an unraced Thoroughbred mare that was foaled in 2016.

This kind young lady is looking for a forever home where she can continue to be loved, pampered and have the very important job as a solid companion horse.

Chessa is gentle and submissive to other horses. She sadly suffered a pasture injury as a 3 year old. This left her with a fractured pelvis, that is fully healed but has caused significant muscle atrophy over her left hip and hindquarter area.

She is pasture sound and requires no special maintenance other that the usual TB care

Chessa was lovely to handle for catching, haltering, grooming and general handling.

Her current owner would love to see her go to a home that had a handful of horses. Where Chessa would continue to be loved as much as she is now but giving her a more formal role as babysitter to another horse/s or foals.

She is up to date with her vaccinations but is due for her teeth to be floated. Her current owner will pull a new Coggins for her prior to transition.

Are you interested in providing a home for Chessa? Contact: horses@mdequinetransiton.org


Are you looking for your next equine partner? Check out all our available horses in the link above and inquire for more info. We could be posting about your success story next!



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