A horse can find itself in transition, on average, seven times in its lifetime. Many owners are unaware of the choices they have when they can no longer care for their horse. METS can help.

METS accepts calls from any owner that needs to transition a horse for any reason

The service is not a brokerage service. It is an educational service that provides owners with the knowledge and tools they need to make the best decisions for their horse. METS will also facilitate the transition for owners who need the assistance.

The program focuses on rehoming horses that might be considered at-risk, those having a market value less than $2500. Therefore, if owners wish to sell their horse for more than $2499, they will not be eligible for METS assistance.

The equine assessment and presentation of transition options is free.  Other services may require a fee depending on the owner’s financial circumstances and desire to surrender, donate, or sell the horse. Financial assistance is available and no horse will be turned away because of the owner’s inability to pay.


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Financial Assistance for Services Provided by METS

METS is available to all horse owners in Maryland. Assessment of the horses and discussion of available options are provided free of charge. Services such as multiple advertisements, transportation, quarantine, retirement, and euthanasia are available to owners for a reasonable fee. This fee helps the program generate revenue to provide services for other horses in need. Donations are also accepted. If an owner is unable to pay, financial assistance is available to assist owners with demonstrated financial need.

No owner will be turned away because of the inability to pay. Contact us for information.

Do you Need mets services?

If you are in need of any of the services METS offers, please use the Owner Assistance Application Form linked below.