Resources for horse owners in Maryland.

Keeping Horses on a Budget

Some horse owners would prefer to keep their horses as long as possible, even when it becomes financially more challenging.  This publication, written by the University of Maryland Extension, offers owners suggestions on how to reduce horse care costs while still providing a high standard of care.

Guide to Minimum Standards of Care for Equine

The vast majority of horse owners in Maryland meet and exceed these standards. The document provides a good reminder of the many responsibilities horse owners have to their animals.

Caring For Your Senior Horse

Horses often live into their late 20s and early 30s. Published by TheHorse.com (April 2018), this article helps owners understand how the horse’s body changes as it ages and how these changes impact the horse’s health requirements.

Estate Planning

Owners might be prepared for the passing of a beloved animal, but few may have thought about what happens to their equine partner in the case of their own passing. This Practical Horseman article (February 2011) goes over the things to consider when estate planning for equines.

Equine Insurance

Types of insurance available to horse owners include mortality, major medical, loss of use, and liability.  There is no requirement for animals to be insured, although the coverage could provide some peace of mind.  This article from TheHorse.com (August 2017) provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about equine insurance.

Short-Term Financial Assistance for Hay / Vet Care / Castration

Many good owners can fall upon hard times. Owners who wish to keep their horse, but need short-term financial assistance, have resources available to them. 

Programs such as the Maryland Fund For Horses offer healthcare rebates for veterinary, farrier, and dental services, as well as short term feed assistance through their hay bank program.

Other programs that offer assistance to horses and owners in Maryland and nationwide are listed below. The programs listed here are not endorsed by METS, simply listed as additional resources for owners.

Re-Homing Assistance for Racehorses in Maryland

Beyond the Wire is an industry-wide initiative between the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, the Maryland Jockey Club, the Maryland Horse Breeders Association and Maryland jockeys. The program facilitates safe and enriching placements for retiring Maryland based racehorses and provides education and advocacy surrounding the issue of responsible retirement of racehorses.

Equine Disposal Guide

METS can provide guidance and assistance in scheduling disposal after euthanasia. This guide, prepared by the University of Maryland Extension, gives an overview of disposal options and resource information by county.

Owner Assistance

If you are a horse owner who needs assistance transitioning one or more horses, please visit the link below for more information. Questions may be directed to mets@defhr.org or 301-854-5037.