End of Life


Humane euthanasia is a responsible alternative to livestock auctions and the traditional slaughter pipeline.

For some horses, humane euthanasia is the best and most reasonable option. In general, this option is for horses suffering from a poor quality of life due to chronic illness or lameness, advanced age making management difficult, or a history of dangerous behavioral issues.

Even when owners know that euthanasia will relieve chronic pain and suffering, saying goodbye to a long-time partner or companion can be difficult.  The METS staff can make the process easier by facilitating the arrangements.

The METS staff can assist owners by either scheduling euthanasia on-site, which is the most humane option because it avoids the unnecessary trauma of relocation, or coordinating transportation to one of several approved sites. Procedures will be performed by a veterinarian in the METS network at a reduced rate, or can be performed by the owner’s veterinarian. Financial assistance may be available for owners who cannot afford the associated costs.

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