Show METS Some Love: Ways YOU Can Help!


Hi from Brittney at METS! We are overwhelmed by the amazing responses we’ve received from you all after sharing about our fundraising goals for next year in our last email. As you know, we’re all about horses around here, but we want to make sure you know all the ways you can help us continue our great work. We don’t expect all of you to take home a horse, as much as we would love it if you would! Here’s a few other ways you can support us. 


Follow us on Facebook: Join our community and engage with our posts. Your involvement in our community helps amplify our reach and also gives you an opportunity to see the latest horses looking for placements. It’s also an easy way to share with your friends on Facebook – just hit the “Share” button at the bottom of the post!
Share our Emails: These weekly emails are the biggest way that we share our growth, successes and needs. Sharing them with your network would help us exponentially. Many companies are offering matching programs for donations their employees make and we’d love your help in finding more partners!


Make a Donation: METS wants to continue placing horses and your donations make that possible! Every dollar counts and we stretch them as far as we can. Your one time and recurring donations enable us to take on any case that comes our way, no matter how dire. 


Become a Partner: Helping horses in Maryland is only possible with our amazing Partners who help with transportation, vet services and so much more. Do you have skills to share?
Let us know!