METS COVID-19 Program Update



METS COVID-19 Program Update 
Hi I’m Brittney, Director of METS and welcome to our new weekly newsletter where we will be sharing horses looking for new homes (scroll down to see our newest listings), our latest news and how you can get involved!

In this time of uncertainty, METS has had great success pivoting to a distributed model and stayed in service even during shelter-in-place. Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that horses were about to need us more than ever and it was essential to find a way to provide services without endangering any humans involved. Our team got to work right away to offer placement services and design a new way of doing business. Enter in our new Virtual Assessment Program.

METS is able to function remotely with all our team members continuing their valuable work from assessment all the way through placement for the horse in a new forever home. Not only are we able to increase efficiency, we can process more horses with our new virtual assessment model.The pandemic impact has hit many horse owners hard throughout Maryland and METS has not only seen a marked increase in requests for horses to be re-homed, but we’ve also had increased difficulty in placing horses. We designed the COVID-19 Recovery Fund to address this issue and support us in finding homes for horses in need of a new home. Hit the donate button below to choose a contribution level-we even have an option for an automatic recurring monthly donation to make it easy.

Today, while we are designing a new program model to address the new normal in our community, we plan on incorporating our Virtual Assessment Program as part of our suite of offerings in the future. We’ve learned so much during this period of change and hope to make METS even more effective!

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