Become a


Volunteers play an important role in helping METS identify the right options for Maryland’s horses. 

Anyone with an interest in equine welfare is invited to explore volunteer opportunities with METS.

If you want to be part of a innovative, one-of-kind program, let us know.  We are eager to discuss the many ways – from helping during the assessment of a horse to writing a feature story, from fundraising to photography – you can get involved.

Seeking Volunteers with Horse Handling / Healthcare Experience

The first step in matching a horse with the best transition option is a formal assessment.  Volunteers assist METS staff with:

  1. assessing horses in terms of general health, soundness, and behavior, and
  2. taking photos/videos of horses if owners request marketing assistance.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers must apply and be approved by METS.  If you are interested in receiving an application for this volunteer position, please contact us via our contact page.