METS can facilitate placement within a wide network of equine professionals and private owners who are ready to help horses in transition.

METS works with a wide group of both industry-based facilities and professionals, as well as private owners, to find transitional solutions for horses. Our METS Partners include associations, clubs, trainers, training facilities, riding stables, boarding facilities, rescues, and therapeutic riding centers, as well as veterinarians and other equine industry professionals. METS will also facilitate placement with private owners who submit an approved application.

Partners are notified when a horse is available through METS that may work for their business.  When a Partner is interested in a specific horse, METS will facilitate communication between the member and horse owner to further discuss placement. 

METS also accepts inquiries and applications from private owners who wish to give a horse a home. If their application is approved and the potential for a match is there, METS will then put them in touch with the horse owner to move forward.

At no time does METS take ownership of any of the horses it assists.

All those wanting to give a horse a home must sign an agreement that no METS horse will be taken to auction or slaughter. They must meet or exceed the MHC’s Standards of Care. Facilities are encouraged to be licensed through the Maryland Horse Industry Board or be a Thoroughbred farm in good standing with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association.

Owners can feel secure in knowing that METS has put parameters in place to best insure safe placement for their horses.

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