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This option is available to owners who prefer to sell their horse for under $2,500. Depending on the price of the horse, a fee may be involved with the following marketing services.

How it


Click the button below to view guidelines and instructions for how to best photograph and video your horse for marketing.


Once the horse has been fully assessed, comprehensive photos/videos will be taken of the horse. If the horse is not in suitable condition, the owner will be given guidelines for taking photos/videos themselves. The owner will also be given an email to which they can send the photos/videos once taken.


The staff will craft a written advertisement based on the history provided by the owner.


The staff will post the photos and written description on two online sites and provide options for additional advertisements.


The staff will follow-up with owners to find out if the horse was successfully rehomed. Owners are also encouraged to keep METS informed as necessary.

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If you are in need of any of the services METS offers, please use the Owner Assistance Application Form linked below.