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Leveraging the knowledge, expertise and connections within Maryland’s vibrant equine community to ensure the welfare of all Maryland horses in need of transition.

The METS Network is a group of industry professionals who believe that safe transition options should be available to all horses in Maryland. METS Network members serve as advocates for the horses, and the program, by working directly with horses in need of transition and encouraging other industry members to participate.

There are three primary categories of METS Network members:

Transition Sites

The core of the METS Network consists of members who are willing take ownership of a horse in need of transition. The METS staff works closely with Network members to understand their interests, needs, skills, resources, facilities, and capacity and will approach members to consider horses that best match their criteria.


Veterinarians serve a key role in the METS Network by conferring with the METS Director when euthanasia may be warranted. They also serve as program advocates by referring owners to the program when they plan to rehome a horse or could otherwise benefit from the resources provided by METS.

Network Associates

Network Associates include equine industry professionals and organizations that cannot take direct ownership of a horse, but agree to support the mission of METS through financial, in-kind, or other program-related contributions. Contact METS to discuss the many options available.

Can Individuals Become METS Network Members?

At this time, individuals can participate in the METS network as a veterinarian or as a trainer working with an approved Transition site.

Individuals who own property and wish to help a horse in transition by providing long-term care will be connected with the state’s licensed rescue organizations. Adopting (or fostering) a horse from a rescue facility will not only provide a well-vetted animal, but open up space for another horse that needs the rescue’s services and expertise.

Individuals without an industry affiliation are encouraged to participate as METS supporters, advocates, or volunteers.

Become a Network Member

For more information about joining the METS Network, contact us via our contact page or download our Network Application here.