Grade Quarter Horse Gelding, Unknown Registration

Free to Good Home

DOB: 2000 Height: 15.2 H Location: Baltimore County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Light riding (walk only)
Rider Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Teddy is a sweet 20+ year old, 15.2h grade Quarter Horse gelding seeking a home as a companion or very light riding horse for a small child. Pulled from the Bowie kill pen in Texas, Teddy’s owner saved him from a potentially gruesome fate. Upon arrival to her, she found that Teddy was in poor condition and needed TLC. After bouncing back, Teddy’s owner found that he was very sensitive to rider aids and suspected that he may have been used as a roping horse, as he would go go go if his rider applies lots of leg. He seemed nervous when ridden in that way, but his owner found that he was a different horse when with children. He’d calmly pack them around the ring while following her, which lead to him being used for lessons until just recently. Teddy has since developed a weakness in his hind end that causes him to walk crooked to the right (cause unknown), so his owner wants to retire him to a home where he can simply live a good life with no expectations put upon him.

We observed Teddy obediently following his owner around the indoor at liberty walk/trot, over a tarp and a bridge, so he’d probably enjoy having an owner do more of that type of work with him. We also observed his owner hop on him bareback for a quick ride, mostly at the walk, but some trot. It was evident how crooked he goes at that point and we agree that he’d be best as a companion horse, with the occasional, short ride at the walk for a small child.

Teddy would make a great companion for any equine. He’s been kept with both mares and geldings and, depending on the horse(s) he’s kept with, can fall anywhere within the herd hierarchy. Teddy can live out 24/7 or stall, he is good for the vet and farrier, bathes, ties and loads. He had his shoes pulled recently and, while a bit tender on rocks, seems comfortable otherwise and his hooves are in good shape. We feel it may benefit Teddy to be evaluated by a vet or chiropractor to determine the cause of his crookedness and see if there’s anything that can be done to make him more comfortable. He also is not currently receiving any supplements or anti-inflammatories, which may also be helpful. So there’s room to see if anything can help to straighten him out…literally!

Teddy is a bit of a worrier, so would truly benefit form an owner who wants to spend the time with him and form a strong bond. He’d probably be wonderful for a small family or an owner just wanting to spend a quiet life with their horse. Inquire about Teddy today if you can give him a phenomenal home!

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