Quarter Horse Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2010 Height: 16 H Location: Carroll County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, English, Western, Trails, Pleasure
Rider Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Teak is a lovely 2010, 16h grade Quarter Horse gelding seeking a new home as a companion, pleasure/trail horse for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider, or possibly a therapy horse for a non-riding program. Prior to this past spring, Teak’s life is somewhat of a mystery. His owner purchased him just a few months ago as a pleasure/trail riding buddy. However, soon after coming to his new home he started experiencing hind end soundness/weakness issues that were discovered to be mild EPM. About 5 weeks ago, he also experienced a mild laminitis episode with a small degree of rotation. Both conditions seem well on their way to recovery thanks to meds and corrective shoeing.

This handsome boy is an sweetheart with a kind eye who does his best to please. Though a little tricky to catch if it’s not at feeding time, he’s easy to handle once caught. He leads well, cross-ties, bathes, stalls and loads. He’s good for the vet and farrier. Teak would be suitable for an advanced beginner handler, and stands quietly for grooming and picking up his feet. He is low man on the totem pole in his herd of geldings. His owner doesn’t know if he’s ever been housed with mares, but doesn’t anticipate that he’d have any issues based on his submissive nature in his current herd.

When we visited with Teak (8/31/22), it had been 5 weeks since he had been ridden and over one week since he was lunged. Considering the amount of time that he’d been out of work, he handled being ridden again with ease. He stood quietly for mounting and walked off calmly. When asked to pick up the trot to the left, he seemed a bit goosey. However, he went fine at the trot to the right, as well as when he went to the left again. So we’re unsure if he was just a bit fresh after being off work for so long or if it was related to some soreness that he quickly warmed up out of. After the initial trot, we did not see any obvious signs of lameness or weakness. We did not see him go at the canter.

Teak has a big, forward walk stride that covers a lot of ground. He’d be a great horse to just go out for a power walk on the trail. It was mentioned that Teak didn’t really seem to understand the concept of a riding arena when he was first purchased, which indicates that he’s probably be used primarily as a trail horse for most of his life. He prefers to lead in groups, but his owner feels he could be handle being in the middle or back with more mileage. Teak responds to both English and Western aids as well.

Teak’s owner is asking $500, but is completely negotiable if it means he could go to an excellent home where he’ll be well cared for and loved. He’s UTD on all shots, deworming and Coggins. His teeth have not been done since his owner purchased him a few months ago, but he shows no indication of having any dental issues. Teak is an average keeper, requiring one scoop of oats twice per day, with unlimited hay or grass. He’s currently on meds for EPM, which are due to be completed by mid-September. He’s also on daily Equioxx to assist with his comfort and allergy meds to help with some goopy eyes and itchiness. Whether or not his allergies will continue past this summer/fall remain to be seen. He easily eats all of his meds in his feed.

This boy is special and deserves to find a home where he can settle in and bond with his new forever owner. If you feel you could provide this for Teak, inquire about him today! Anyone who gets this boy will be lucky to have him!