Thoroughbred Gelding, Unregistered


DOB: 2006 Height: 16 H Location: Montgomery County

Suitable Discipline(s):
English, Trails, Pleasure, Lessons
Rider Suitability:
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Rookie is a handsome 16 year old, 16h Thoroughbred gelding seeking a home as an English trail or pleasure horse. Born in Middleburg, Rookie was rejected by his mother soon after birth. As a result, he was hand-raised by his owners. He was born with a knock-knee, which was surgically corrected at Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg (records available). Rookie was never raced and spent much of his life up until his current home bouncing around from farm to farm.

On the ground, Rookie does need a more advanced handler who can reinforce boundaries and good behavior. He likes to put on a mean face and threaten, but seems to do it more as intimidation to see what kind of reaction he can get out of his handler. Though he put up a good act during our assessment visit, he never once followed through with a bite or kick, even though he had ample opportunity to do so. With consistent handling and work, Rookie would hopefully learn to relax and enjoy the attention he receives.

Under saddle, Rookie is the complete opposite. As soon as his rider got on his back for our assessment visit, he settled right down and went on the buckle. We observed him at the walk, trot, and canter; all of which were slow and steady. He has even perfected a little Western jog! Rookie’s preference for slow and steady has made him a great teacher for beginner riders in the past. He’d be ideal for someone with more experience handling horses that just wants to enjoy the occasional leisurely flat hack around the ring or on the trail. Riding out on the trail is actually one of his favorite things to do and we’re told he’s pretty unflappable.

Rookie is currently maintaining his weight on ration balancer and beet pulp meals, along with hay. He does require daily anti-inflammatories, as he can get stiff and sore without them or if worked a little too hard. His corrected knee did not seem to bother him when we observed him, but he was stiff behind and may benefit from hock injections to make him a little more comfortable. Rookie had four shoes on during our assessment visit with him, but his owner will be pulling his back shoes at the next farrier visit. He most likely could stay barefoot in the back as long as not being ridden on rocky terrain. He ties, bathes, clips, does well in a stall, and can be turned out with mares and geldings. Rookie is bonded with Annie (also seeking a home through METS) and his owner would love to find them a home together. If you’re someone who likes to dabble in ground training, but wants to also enjoy easy rides on a trusty steed, Rookie may be the guy for you! Inquire about him today!