Pyramid Power (“Pi”)

Thoroughbred Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2015 Height: 17.2 H Location: Montgomery County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Trails, Light riding (walk only), Light riding (walk/trot only)
Rider Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Pyramid Power, or “Pi”, is a rather lovely 2015 TB Gelding. He is unraced but registered with the Jockey Club. He stands at 17.2hh and has incredibly good bone for his breed. He is a lovely stockier type, that is paired with a polite and gentlemanly disposition. He would be best suited to and upper intermediate or advanced home due to his size and medical history. He would be a lovely quiet companion or lighter pleasure riding horse for the right home.

Pi was kind and gentle for his assessment and is wise beyond his years. He was diagnosed with Shivers, a neurological condition which affects movement. Currently Pi only has a restriction in his hind legs. This presents as an exaggerated and/or delayed step. This is seen when asked to back up or asked to pick up the leg for hoof care. In addition to this, Pi’s conformation shows that he is over at the knee. This can sometimes affect a horse’s ability to balance when heading down hill on more advanced trails. He is quite low in front at the pastern in both front legs. Not ideal conformation traits for horses expecting to be worked significantly or for long term soundness, but not uncommon for the TB breed. We did not ask to see Pi under saddle or at more than a walk for the assessment. This was due to the fact that he was currently being treated for a significant but somewhat superficial puncture wound to his right stifle. It was not appropriate to expect him to offer more than a walk. Research of Shivers is advised to anyone considering Pi. This would be related to the disease’s progression and how it affects the horse’s career choices.

Pi was a joy to be around. He was cool calm and collected for the whole duration. He was willing and incredibly patient. He is ‘good with everything’ and has never caused any troubles for the lovely gentleman that currently owns him.  He is not spooky or sharp but if he has had a week off, he can be a little strong when first asked to trot. He is currently only ridden sporadically on trails every couple of weeks or so. He is ridden in a very simple full cheek Mullen mouth snaffle, with a flash noseband. He has a nice long stride, that is even and ground covering. Perfect for walking out comfortably under saddle.

Pi’s owner believes he was not raced. He has taken him hunting with Potomac and Goshen Hunt Clubs many times (2nd field). He is super in group and doesn’t not get overly excited at all. He is equally fine alone on trails. Jumping is not recommended at all due to his Shivers diagnoses. He will however walk over small logs, especially if his friends are taking the lead. His current owner feels it is not safe or fair to ask him to work in the way that is expected for hunting. Lighter more consistent work such a waking around simple farmland, could in fact help to keep him more balanced and level out some of his Shivers tendencies – please note Shivers cannot be cured for any horse at this moment in time.

Pi currently lives within a gelding herd at a larger facility. He is in during the day for summer and out during the day for winter. It was noted that he was quite a loaner in the beginning but now has some friends in the field. He is mid to lower on the pecking order. He had not been seen with mares, but it is likely that he will remain placid as he usually does. He is up to date with vet visits, vaccinations, deworming farrier and had a negative Coggins in hand. Pi currently wears front shoes only and has average quality hooves.