Paint Mare, Registered


DOB: 1998 Height: 14.3 H Location: Charles County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Trails, Light riding (walk/trot only)
Rider Suitability:
Advanced Beginner
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner

Additional Information

Introducing Moli! Moli is a 1998 14.3h Paint QH Cross mare. Moli is a sweet, calm and loveable girl who loves having a job. She is a registered Paint which her owner has papers but will only be shared with fully screened applicants. Moli loves butt scratches and most of all, treats! She will even give a little smile after receiving a treat. Due to career changes, her current owner moved to Florida and is unable to bring her beloved horses with her. So METS stepped in to help! Moli is suited for an advance beginner handler and rider. Her owner would love to see Moli be rehomed with her “sister”, Dani, but it is not a deal breaker.

Moli has been owned by her owner for 18 years! Moli and her owner grew together, learned together, and did a lot of adventures together. Moli was used as a lesson horse before her owner purchased her. Her owner competed her in hunter/jumpers and evented. But Moli’s favorite riding activity is trail riding! She can be fickle with water crossings, but with just a little encouragement she will walk right through it. Moli has been camping, high line tied, has been tied to a hitching post at a restaurant, and stood quietly when a train whizzed by. A couple years ago, Moli tore her right front suspensory. While it has heeled and Moli is sound to ride, she is best suited to a riding life where she isn’t jumping or ridden hard under saddle. Ideally her owner would love to see her as a child’s trusty trail mount or do light ring work – sticking to walking and trotting only. Due to her owner’s new address, Moli has not been ridden in over a year. During our assessment, Moli was quite eager to work and do her job, and it shows in the video! She had a little pep in her step, thus an advance beginner who can “woah” is best suited.

Moli is currently turned out in a mixed herd and has no dynamic issues. She is turned out 24/7, with access to hay for the winter and a grass field. Moli prefers turnout over being stalled, but if on a routine schedule for turn in/turn out she is contempt being stalled. She currently receives Tribute Kalm Ultra and Buckeye Gro ‘N Win for grain. She does get summer allergies and receives Animed Antihist to help with it. When bored or mineral deficient, Moli will chew on boards. She is barefoot and on a 6 week trimming schedule. She is up to date on her shots, coggins, and deworming. She is fine for catching, haltering, leading, bathing, gates, and sprays. She can be a little herdbound when left alone. She will call and pace for her friends. She does settle down eventually. Moli’s owner is open to Moli being rehomed outside of Maryland. Moli’s owner does not want Moli to be rehomed as a lesson horse or as a husband horse (due to weight/size).