Arabian Mare, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2002 Height: 16.1 H Location: Carroll County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Rider Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner

Additional Information

Khaleesi is a 2002 Arabian X Mare. It’s likely she is crossed with a Standardbred or something similar. She has good height, good bone and stockier than the typical Arabian horse. She is a lovebug, who does have the brightness and alertness of her breed, while remaining steadier in her disposition. Her current owner would love to see her forever home be somewhere that she can get out and thoroughly enjoy lots of trail riding.

Khaleesi was willing and responsive during her assessment. This was even after she had been out of work for around 1.5 years. She is a little out of shape and looked a little short on her left hind. She picked up her feet well but did have some resistance to the left hind. It’s likely that if in regular work, she will benefit from movement and the issue (likely due to being in upper teens) will resolve. Conformation wise, she has a very broad shoulder and whither, so saddle fit will be an important factor to consider. She is not overweight but carrying a few extra pounds. Her shape will likely change when back in work. Khaleesi is slightly clubbed foot on her right front. It did not impede her action when seen on the lunge etc. She did also have an old and fully healed scar from an overreach on that same hoof. Bell boots would be a great prevention from that occurring again when on faster trails etc. There was evidence of an old abscess at coronet on right hind. It was older and growing out without issue. Otherwise, this lovely girl is in great condition.

Khaleesi was a real pleasure to meet. It was a very hot day and she enjoyed licking the salt from our arms. Her assessment showed that she is still ever so slightly reactive to fast movements but was rather contained, as her handler had a medical boot on that was wrapped in plastic. It was noted that she can be a little spooky; by jumping slightly to the side. She does not bolt, buck or rear etc. There was no display of spookiness during the visit – even from the scary plastic wrapped boot, which would have tested most horses!

Khaleesi has a solid and robust trail riding background and can be ridden Western or English. She also was shown Western extensively prior to being with her current owner. We were not able to see her being ridden during the assessment due to owner not being available to ride. She was however very willing and sweet on the lunge, at the walk and trot. Canter was not seen due to fitness level and extreme temperatures at time of visit.

Khaleesi currently lives with one gelding. They have access to a large field and stalls as and when they wish. It was noted that she is an alpha mare who will challenge for dominants. Once established, she quietly holds her spot. She is up to date with vet visits, vaccinations, deworming but will likely need her feet tending to again soon.  Khaleesi is currently barefoot. Her Coggins can be draw prior to her finding her new person. Please be aware that Khaleesi is prone to choke. This is easily managed by providing soaked grain at every feeding and free access to fresh clean water.