Thoroughbred Gelding, Registered

For Sale $1,500

DOB: 2014 Height: 16.2 H Location: Howard County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Unlimited Potential, Training Project, English, Hunter, Jumper, Trails, Pleasure, Eventing
Rider Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Calling all Thoroughbred fans! Iggy is a 2014 lightly raced OTTB standing at 16.2hh tall. This young chap is brave, bright, playful, and not a mean bone in his body. He’s looking for a super-duper person to take him in any direction they may like. His current own focuses on Dressage, and this boy is destined for a home that would provide activities that allow him to shine. Likely suited to a teen ride looking to do a little bit of everything; hacking, hunter paces, ‘possible’ low level eventing, developing his flatwork, having a bunch of fun and all that good stuff. He’s an ‘in your pocket’ guy and will make a lovely riding partner and companion for his human. He’s always in the thick of things and would rather be up front and center, rather than doing usual horse things like grazing in the paddock.

Iggy is in good health and over all condition. He has not been in regular work and will need to develop muscle and fitness. He presented some typical things like stiffness, which can be common in more athletic horses if not in a consistent fitness regime. He did come off the track in February 2020 with a slight bowed tendon to is front left but his current owner allowed him to rest and heal, and it now poses no drastic concern to him. Of course a new home would need to be mindful of his past injur, and condition him slowly and steadily (as it should be with any horse) when bringing him up to full fitness. It will then be clear as to what his new career and capabilities would be.

Iggy also has a slight clubfoot on the front right. He would likely benefit for some corrective shoeing but is currently moving fairly well barefoot all round. His feet are actually in quite good condition (for a TB). He does wind stuck when bored (gulping air and NOT cribbing), and has a parrot mouth (overbite). Neither of which are cause for major alarm. For bridling just being mindful of his confirmation would be wise.

Iggy is greener in the ring and although he showed us a little of his TB fun side, was not dangerous or unruly at all. He goes in a loose ring snaffle and accepts side reins on the lunge. He will need someone with a good sense of humor to match his, and someone that is skilled at assisting a horse to develop and become educated under saddle. His current owner has carried out a large amount of groundwork with him, lunging long lining, etc etc. He is polite and willing in and out of the saddle. He had a little ‘yeehaa’ on the lunge when cantering but became rather composed once his owner was on board. He has a great focus and a lovely mindset. He really enjoys hitting the trails and is fine alone or in company. He has such a good work ethic that sometimes he decides he’s not ready to go back to the barn. Simply by quietly stopping in protest. He can be encouraged somewhat easily, however.

He was super for haltering, grooming, tacking, general handling, crossties, etc etc. He is curious and likes to be with his person. He remains engaged, sweet and pleasant. He is chief supervisor when his herd mates are being worked or handled, or when his owner is busy taking care of chores.

Iggy currently lives in a small herd with one mare and one gelding. He has turnout daily, during the day and sometimes 24hrs. He lives at a lovely home that also has free ranges chickens and family dogs. He enjoys following the chickens around the paddock. He is submissive with other horses but enjoys their company. He is up to date with the farrier, dentist, vet visit, Coggins and vaccinations (as of Spring 21).

His owner will consider an out of state home for the right person.

JC Name Inorout. Career; 5 starts, 1 Win, 2 Places, Earnings $21,130

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