Appaloosa Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2007 Height: 16 H Location: Harford County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Rider Suitability:
N/A (Companion Only)
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Information

Dobby is a 2007 Appaloosa Gelding. He is elegant and more refined, standing at 16hh. His current owner has spent the time reeducating this lovely chap from the ground.  He would be most suited as a companion horse, that is well cared for, while keeping in mind that he has had a very hard history prior to being with his current owner. He would best be paired with a forever home that provided intermediate to advanced handling to keep this intelligent boy on the right track.

Dobby is bright and intelligent. With a skilled person he will continue to be polite and a true sweetheart. He has a lovely confident personality which makes him a super special guy. It’s believed that he is very well bred and that he was likely a successful show horse. He really brightened up during his official METS photoshoot and showed us just how fancy he was, standing like he’d just won the blue ribbon for an in-hand/halter class! Dobby cannot be considered as a riding horse as he has navicular. He wears corrective shoes with wedges, takes one Equioxx pill daily, which allows him to be pasture sound. He looked fairly sound for his assessment, only showing to be off at the trot on the lunge circle in the sand arena. It was a good day for Dobby. He also takes ½ a pill of Prascend for Cushing’s. His maintenance will have to be strongly considered as he will need to remain on the current regimen of shoeing and medications.

Dobby’s assessment was super with no behavior concerns or vices. It was noted that when his current owner became his person, he was extremely challenging to handle due to prior mishandling and mismanagement of his pain. It was clear to her that his discomfort was completely overlooked prior to her taking him on. This resulted in the unsurprising behavioral issues once investigated. He now is a wonderful horse that is respectful, kind and easy – with guidance.

Dobby currently lives in a small mixed herd in a large field. He is placid in the field and a great herd mate. It was noted that he does not like being in the stall/barn alone. He may tolerate if he has a good friend with him. He tends to be unsettled and rub his tail out.   He is up to date with the farrier, vet visit and vaccinations. He is due for the dentist and deworming. His Coggins can be draw prior to him finding his new person.