Thoroughbred Mare, Registered


DOB: 1998 Height: 15.1 H Location: Charles County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Unlimited Potential, Companion, English, Hunter, Jumper, Trails, Pleasure, Dressage, Eventing
Rider Suitability:
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Hello Dani! Dani is a 1998 15.1h Thoroughbred mare that is looking for her next adventure. She is a very sweet, lovable and sensitive mare who isn’t ready to be a pasture puff just yet! She raced once, was terrible at it, and quickly retired. Due to some career changes, her current owner moved to Florida and is unable to bring her beloved horses with her. So METS stepped in to help! Dani is suited for an intermediate handler and an advance rider.

Dani has been owned by her current owner for 15 years! Her owner has done a little bit of everything with Dani over the years as they grew up and older together, but due to recent change in her owner’s address, Dani has not been ridden since summer of 2021. Dani used to compete in hunter/jumpers and novice level eventing up until 2013. Dani has been used for trail riding with her owner, as well as hacking around the barn. Dani has been camping with her owner and was perfectly fine being high lined. Dani has been trail ridden to a local restaurant, tied to a hitching post, and exposed to a passing train. Ideally her owner would love to see her as someone’s pony club or low-level event horse. Dani is recommended for an advance rider and will need a rider who can bring her back into shape. While Dani’s owner has taught beginner riders in the past off of Dani, Dani’s owner did note that Dani can be sensitive sometimes when trying to learn new things. If Dani feels overwhelmed or frantic, she has been known to pop in a tiny rear out of frustration. The best solution her owner found to avoid that situation is to remain calm and let Dani have a moment to figure it out herself. Please note during the assessment Dani did not act up once. Only super excited to be worked in the ring!

Dani is a cribber and it is controlled with a cribbing collar. She was a bit resistant about being caught, but once caught she was very easy to halter and followed along on lead. She is up to date on coggins, shots, and deworming. She is currently barefoot and is on a 6 week trim schedule. Her diet consists of Tribute Kalm Ultra and Buckeye Grow ‘N Win, along with plenty of hay during the winter and grass turnout. It is recommended that when tying Dani to tack and groom, to use a blocker tie as she can sometimes be a little quirky. Dani does have an old injury behind her right shoulder from being impaled by a stick, but it has heeled completely without affecting Dani’s ability to be ridden. Dani has a “sister” named Moli, that is also being rehome through METS. Dani’s owner would love for both Dani and Moli to be rehomed together, but it is not a deal breaker. Dani’s owner is also open to Dani being rehomed outside of Maryland. Dani’s owner does not want Dani to be rehomed as a lesson horse.