Thoroughbred Gelding, Registered


DOB: 2004 Height: 16 H Location: Prince George's County

Suitable Discipline(s):
English, Western, Hunter, Jumper, Trails, Pleasure, Dressage, Eventing
Rider Suitability:
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner

Additional Information

Charlie is a 2004 16h Thoroughbred gelding. He is the ultimate package! This sweet, lovable, and adventurous guy is looking for his next home. He loves having a job and has quite the resume of “been there, done that”. He would make a super mount for a teen or adult looking to compete in jumpers, eventing, dressage, hunter paces, trail riding, you name it! He is recommended for an intermediate rider and handler. Charlie is worth his weight in gold and is a stellar horse. If you’re looking for a fun horse that has seen it all, this is your guy!

Charlie’s owner has owned him for 18 years. Charlie was orphaned by his mother at 6 weeks, and his owner did everything necessary to take care of Charlie and help him grow and develop. At age 4, Charlie took a stab at racing. He raced for about 6 months, winning one of the 7-9 races he ran in. during his final race, he was hit hard at the starting gate walking away with no injuries, but his owner didn’t want that to change Charlie’s mentality or risk him getting injured in a future race, so his racing career ended. Since then, Charlie has done a little bit of everything with his owner! Charlie has evented, show jumped, dressage, hunters, western pleasure and trail riding. He is your all-around guy. As soon as we approached his stall to meet him, he immediately stretched his head out over his stall guard to say hello and wanted affection. He was recently being leased and was show jumped up to 2’6”, however that lease ended, and Charlie hasn’t done much work in a while. He is periodically ridden, and mostly in western tack. He would benefit from a rider who will work with getting him back into shape. Please note, that during the assessment he was not filmed cantering under saddle while his owner rode him due to his owner having back issues. Charlie’s owner said Charlie has never spooked or batted an eye at anything she has exposed him to…well except for white bags. But aren’t white bags the common enemy of all horses?! Charlie has ridden on some extreme trails, ones that mules are ridden on. While they were tough, Charlie managed to keep up! He has been exposed to trains and crosses water without hesitation. He loves to work to the point that he would even lunge himself around you.

Charlie has shoes on both front feet and was just recently shod a few weeks ago. He does have a quarter crack on his left hind which does not bother him. When he was being leased and show jumped, he did get hind shoes which did not conflict with the quarter crack. Charlie is great for mixed herd turnout and is currently turned out 24/7 but stalled during inclement weather. Charlie is UTD on his shots and coggins, and had his teeth floated about 6 months ago. Charlie is super for catching, haltering, leading, bathing, cross ties, straight tying, tacking, leaving the herd and will self-load into a horse trailer. Charlie’s only vice is he will pin his ears when in his stall because it is “his space”, but he will not bite or show aggression. Just makes a sour face! During the assessment, he did make a sour face while cinching up the saddle, but again he showed no aggression, just made a face. Charlie is quite a special guy, and whoever owns him next is going to be a very lucky person!