Buddy and Spirit

Appaloosa & Haflinger Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2000 Height: 15 H Location: Cecil County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Therapy
Rider Suitability:
N/A (Companion Only)
Handler Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Due to rapidly declining health, Buddy and Spirit’s owner has been forced to make the heartbreaking to rehome her beloved boys of the past 20 years. Buddy and Spirit are a bonded pair seeking a safe haven where they can live out their days together. Their owner is hoping to keep them within a reasonable radius of her location in Cecil County, with the hopes that their new owner would be open to her visiting on occasion. At the very least, she wants to find someone who would be willing to keep in touch and send her regular updates to reassure her that they are doing well.

Buddy is a ~20+ year old, ~13.2h Haflinger gelding. His owner purchased him in his younger years to get him out of a bad situation where he was not being treated kindly. He would really benefit from someone who can spend quality time with him to get him to relax and trust in people once again. He was well-behaved, yet reserved, for everything we did with him. Buddy allowed us to touch and groom him all over, pick up all four feet, look at his teeth, touch his ears and put a braid his forelock so we could see his cute face! He leads well and stood quietly while we looked him over. Buddy seems like a really nice boy who just needs someone to help bring him out of his shell.

Spirit has enough goofy personality for the both of them! This handsome 20+ year old, ~15.1h Appaloosa gelding is all over you, wanting to know all about who you are and what you have for him to get into. His owner has had him since he was just a 2 month old colt and it is clear that he has always had kind interactions with people. While we groomed and worked around him, he would chomp on his lead rope or “smile” for us. We had quite a few laughs at this boy’s shenanigans! He stood well for us to groom him, pick up all four feet, palpate his back and check his teeth. He did get a little upset when Buddy chose to walk out of sight and call for him, but he just walked in circles and was very much respectful of the fact that he was still attached to his handler. Once Buddy returned, he settled right down.

These two have been together for 20 years and are very bonded (hence walking them together due to having limited handlers available). Spirit is the dominant of the two, but fair and respectful in his direction of Buddy. He will get upset if Buddy leaves his side, but we feel with time and regular handling, he’d come around. A larger herd may also help minimize this behavior. We labeled them as needing intermediate handlers due to being a bit buddy sour, but may be suitable for less experienced handlers once they get used to being separated and into a routine. It is unknown how either would respond to mares since it’s been the two of them for so long. Both are in overall good body condition, but will need updated care in the form of hoof trims, vaccinations, Coggins, and dental floats. They’re both easy-keepers and their owner states that they are good for tying, baths, stalls, shots, and the farrier.

Opening your heart to these two will not only give these boys a safe place to live, but it will also give their ailing owner peace of mind so she can focus on her health and well-being. Please reach out to us today.