Quarter Horse Gelding, Registered


DOB: 2000 Height: 15 H Location: Prince George's County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Therapy
Rider Suitability:
N/A (Companion Only)
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Buddy is a 2000 registered Quarter Horse gelding standing at around 15h. Buddy is the definition of his name! He is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet and will win your heart over within seconds of meeting him. Buddy has a puppy dog personality and is an absolute doll with children and other horses. He would make a great horse for someone looking for a pasture mate and to give occasional pony rides to their tiny children or grandkids at the walk around a flat area!

Buddy’s current owner has owned him for around 8 years. He was trained as a driving horse and was a solid trail horse. Buddy has been trail ridden all over! He has done trails in South Dakota, tackled rocky trails meant for mules, and has even swam out in a ocean. He owner told us that it was Buddy’s first experience entering the ocean, and that he loved it so much he tried to sit down in the waves! Silly boy! His owner says Buddy has never spooked at anything while owning him, and he was always preferred to be the caboose when riding with large groups. Slow and steady was Buddy’s motto. Buddy has done horse camps, pony parties, and costume contests. He would stand perfectly still while children surrounded him decorating him. He LOVES attention from children and people! Sadly, Buddy has been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and can no longer be ridden as a trail horse. X-rays were taken and it was discovered Buddy had obtained a slab fracture in his left knee many years ago that had healed. Buddy was receiving previcox daily, but two months ago his owners decided to only give it to him when he displayed pain since he was not being ridden and they didn’t want to risk ulcers forming.

Buddy is an excellent babysitter for young horses. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is always the first to greet you at the gate. He goes well in mixed turnout and is currently turned out 24/7 but stalled during inclement weather. He is barefoot and was just trimmed a few weeks ago. He just had his teeth checked and was floated 6 months ago. He is UTD on his shots and coggins. He is easy to catch, halter, lead, cross tie, ground ties, easy to trailer, bathing, picking feet, etc. He is easy it at comes and doesn’t get bothered by much. If you are looking for an easy keeper that will take care of your children, Buddy is your guy!