Thoroughbred Gelding, Unknown Registration

Free to Good Home

DOB: 2008 Height: 16.3 H Location: Montgomery County

Suitable Discipline(s):
English, Trails, Dressage
Rider Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Bold is going to make someone a very happy and very lucky person! He was born in 2008 and is a 16.3hh OTTB gelding. This handsome chap is charismatic, pleasant and a little bit of a joker. He’s the kind of horse that will love and adore his person but only if he picks them himself. He is talented and skilled under saddle, making him a lovely candidate for an intermediate rider to excel at dressage while also enjoying Bold’s favorite activity, trail riding. He has a super level head but of course is still a fun and bright TB. His owner would like to see him go to an active farm where he would have one or maybe two riders routinely working with him. At this point lesson programs will not be considered as it will likely not be the best match for him.

Bold, overall is in very good health and would be considered an easy keeper of sorts. In 2015 however he did ‘Road Founder’. He wears shoes with pads and takes ½ tab of Prescend and ¼ tab of Previcox daily to assist with prevention and maintenance.  Here’s a description of what road founder is…. Road founder can be caused by excessive pounding of hooves on a hard surface or overworking an under-conditioned horse. The resultant trauma can change blood flow, tear the laminae tissue and bruise the foot, causing founder. Prevention of road founder is easy. Don’t ride your horse hard on surfaces such as paved roads or rocky terrain, and condition it gradually to an increased workload. Even a shod horse can road founder. 

Bold warmed up well under saddle and we saw him at the walk, trot and canter. He became freer and more supple after a short time. He is well educated and can work at Training – 1st Level dressage. We saw him offer self-carriage and lateral work. He has a super work ethic, is rhythmical, balanced and very willing. He appears to be a very enjoyable horse to work with. His main love however is getting out and hitting the trails. He would spend his whole day wandering out in the fields, trotting, cantering and even likely suited to still pop over of a few logs here and there. Due to his past history, he will need to be mindfully worked to prevent discomfort and soundness issues. Slow and steady in his training and fitness plan will be a winning recipe.  He goes in a simple snaffle and is easy and polite. He is still a TB and will get a little more animated in certain situations. He’s mostly laid back but sometimes puts in a little bunny hop. He sometimes will scoot forwards if surprised from behind, but is not fazed by things like turkeys popping up or his cow neighbors watching him over the fence while he works in the ring. He can be worked with others or head out alone with no issues.

He was more animated for tacking and grooming BUT full disclosure, it was dinner time, and his barn friends enjoyed their food while he was having his assessment with us. We were actually quite impressed by his composure. He waited on the cross ties with cats and dogs milling around. His owner mentioned that at his past home, he was roughhoused a little and played with as if he were a dog. This means that he would need someone who is calm yet assertive for his handling that wouldn’t encourage this sort of behavior.

Bold is best in a gelding only herd. He tends to be a bit of a ladies man and draw mares to him like a magnet. He is fine to be kept next to mares in the field or stall. He does like show off his typical TB gelding skills by engaging in lots of play with his herd mates. He is more dominant but not mean on nasty in any way. He is used to turnout daily that changes with the season appropriately. Bold would do best to be turned out in an area with little grass and have a muzzle.

He is up to date with shots, vet visits, Coggins, dentist and farrier. He will need to be shod in front with pads by a kind, patient and educated farrier. It is recommended that his grass intake be limited. His owner will prefer Bold to stay in MD but may consider an out of state home for the right person. Bold has a rider weight limit of 170lbs.

JC Name Bold Conviction Career; 8 starts, 1 Win, 0 Places, Earnings $28,575

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