Blaze’s Painted Lady (“Lady”)

Kentucky Mountain Horse Mare, Unknown Registration


DOB: 1998 Height: 15.1 H Location: Carroll County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Companion, Therapy
Rider Suitability:
N/A (Companion Only)
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Blaze’s Painted Lady, also known as Lady, is a 1998 15.1 Kentucky Mountain Horse mare. This lovely gal is truly the sweetest soul you will ever meet. If her kind eye doesn’t suck you in, her sweet personality will. She is the kind of mare that you just want to just throw your arms around her neck, smoosh your face into her and take a big inhale. She has a calming personality that relaxes you and lets all your stresses melt away. Lady is suitable for beginner handlers, and loves receiving attention from her human. She enjoys being groomed, all and any treats, and just hanging with her person. She would be a perfect candidate for teaching little ones or those with special needs how to properly take care of a horse. Lady’s current owner will like to rehome her within Maryland or states surrounding Maryland’s border only.

Lady is a retired Maryland State Park Volunteer Mounted Patrol horse. Nothing phases or bothers this gal. She was also used as a trail mount. Whenever the lead horse spooked at something ahead and would not go forward, Lady would take the lead and trudge through whatever was thought to be “scary”. She was also used as a “butt bumper” on trails: playing the role of a blocker for a nervous horse dancing behind her or not being respectful of another’s space. She is always taking care of her person, no matter the situation.

Lady is looking for a home as a companion only or a non-riding therapy home. Lady was diagnosed with Lymes a few years ago, was treated, and has not had a relapse since. Lady also had a fall in the pasture a few years ago hitting a tree. A chiropractor came out to work on Lady, suggesting she may have fractured her hip from the fall. The chiropractor provided some exercises to Lady’s owner to work on, but Lady shows she is comfortable walking around her field. During the assessment, Lady did show some discomfort when asked to trot in hand on a slight incline. Lady is also diagnosed with Caudal Heel Syndrome, also known as Navicular. She was receiving glucosamine in the past but is no longer receiving any supplements or medications since she is not being ridden and is comfortable in her pasture without.

Lady is a very easy keeper. She currently receives only a mineral supplement to compliment her diet of grass and hay. She is barefoot and will be due for a trim soon. She is easy to catch, halter, lead, groom, stands quietly while tied, and will load and unload herself on and off a trailer. Her owner did tack her up, showing she could be great for teaching little ones how to tack a horse. Lady stood patiently while saddled, girthed, and unsaddled. When led away from her 2 herd mates, she didn’t make a fuss. During the assessment, we opened a garage door while she stood there, and she didn’t even flinch. She is turned out with 2 other mares but has been in a mixed herd before and is fine. She tends to be middle of the pack, and very tolerant of young playful horses. She received her fall shots, but will need her Coggins done before transitioning to her new home.