Miniature Horse/Pony Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2016 Height: 10 H Location: Frederick County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Unlimited Potential, English, Western, Trails, Driving, Therapy, Lessons
Rider Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Oh Blackie! This little fella is larger than life and has so much potential. He is so nicely put together and a total stunner. He’s a 2016 Mini and standing around 10hh, maybe a hand taller. This lovely little guy has been owned by his current person since January 2021. It is thought that he is an Amish pony and possibly has had driving experience. He’s had 60-day professional training and enjoyed working with his 10 yr old little boy. His owner feels he would be best suited to having a job. He’s young and has tons to give. He is bright and thoughtful. He’d make a phenomenal lesson pony after a tune up and addressing his more immediate needs.

At his prior home, not with his current owner, Blackie sadly was the unfortunate recipient of an incorrect DIY gelding surgery. Blackie is a cryptorchid pony. This poor boy was left with the surgery not being 100% successful, meaning that he still has high testosterone levels and some stallion like behaviors, but also a rather significant issue in which a ‘pocket’ was formed in front of his sheath causing him to not urinate correctly. The urine also causes ulcers to the skin and much discomfort. His current owner has to tend to the area daily to keep him as healthy as possible.

Great news is that his owners did receive a quote from New Bolton (in the rage of $3000) to completely fix and correct the issue. It’s such a relief to know that this is actually quite a simple fix. Sadly, due to financial reasons his current person cannot afford the surgery. They wish for whoever take him on to immediately provide the surgery at the time of his transition, and then take him home to thoroughly love and enjoy. Blackie is otherwise in excellent health. He does have some splints, likely for being driven or hard grounds, that are fully healed without affecting his soundness. His current owner prefers to drive him directly to the hospital (within a suitable MD based driving distance) and then for his new person to take him home from there after his surgery.

Due to Blackie’s current health crisis, he has not been routinely worked since coming home from his initial training when he first arrived. He is currently quite nervous, especially about his hind end which is completely understandable. He also has had some challenges with one of his larger and dominate herd mates being aggressive with him, so he has to be in a smaller private turnout spot. He seems to be a little bored, which is leading to some challenging behaviors such as trying to open gates and being a bundle of nervous energy when his owner is trying to lead him etc. Thankfully as we have a good history from his 60-day training, we know that with work he is actually a wonderful solid citizen for all handling and ridden activities. He’s a little diamond for sure.

Although nervous he really did maintain his composure and showed no kicking, biting etc. He did become agitated for the lunging and trotting in hand but with a little time, patience and most importantly trust, he’ll be back to the pony he was destined to be.

While on his 60 day training he was able to be turned out with other geldings. After his surgery he will likely be fine with mares too. He is up to date with the farrier, dentist, vet visit, Coggins and most vaccinations. He is barefoot and an easy keeper. He needs room to move and a little time readjust.