Appendix Gelding, Unknown Registration


DOB: 2003 Height: 16.2 H Location: Montgomery County

Suitable Discipline(s):
Unlimited Potential, Companion, English, Hunter, Jumper, Trails, Pleasure, Dressage, Eventing
Rider Suitability:
Handler Suitability:

Additional Information

Archie is a 2003 Appendix Gelding. This guy is full of potential standing at a solid 16.2hh. He has the kind and friendly disposition of the Quarter Horse, paired with the Thoroughbred’s love of work and heart to please. He has been a strong member of his current family for 7 years providing companionship and adventure for his growing teenager. He would be most suited to a busier lifestyle with lots of activities, people and a lovely job. His current family would gladly have him go to a home that had a well-established lesson program or farm that had a nice large herd with lots of friends.

Archie is a ‘been there and done it all’ kind of guy. He has a wealth of experience in and out of the saddle. He is sound for work but is somewhat unfit, lacking muscle and will continue to need to gain weight. His current owners are aware of his body condition score and would like for his new home to carry on with the work they are doing to help him improve and fill out more so. Before being expected to participate in any moderate to hard work, he will need to have reached a better level of weight and muscle tone. After that the world will be your oyster with this lovely chap!

Archie was great for his assessment. We did not see him under saddle but did see him in hand and on the lunge. This boy is ready to get to work mentally. Such a great work ethic. He is bright and intelligent and uses his superpowers for good. He can get a tad impatient if not engaged. This presents as being fidgety and just wanting to get going. He is not rude or pushy at all.  Overall he has a wonderful laid-back disposition. He is 100% Dad approved as he has been trusted with a precious daughter for many many years. His owners did mention that he tends to get a little bored with the farrier and shows the most impatience at that point. He is not naughty; he just thinks he should be off doing more important things.

He was a good boy for being caught and groomed. A note was made that he sometimes likes to hang out with his friends rather than being caught. On his assessment day he wandered right up to us to say ‘hello’ and to have his halter put on. He had no troubles and headed away from the herd well. We only saw him outside of the barn and being held by his owners while they brushed him etc. Historically he is fine for stabling, cross ties, tacking and all of that good stuff.

Archie’s riding history is extensive: Fox Hunting, Competing, Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage, Low level Eventing, Hunter Paces and trail rides of all speeds. On the lunge he was forward and willing. No bucking, bolting, spooking or anything untoward. He is onward bound and covers the ground. Three lovely paces that are rhythmical and pleasing. He was a little stiff at first but has not been worked for around 6 months. He is ridden in a D-Ring snaffle. He can sometimes be a little hard to steady up but with correct riding, he likely will be a very fun and enjoyable horse to work with. He certainly caught our eye.

Archie currently lives in a mixed herd and is a friendly with geldings and mares. He does have some mudfever/rain rot/scratches on his back, fetlocks and pasterns, all manageable and somewhat under control but will need to be kept an eye on at his new home if conditions are wet. He is up to date with the farrier, dentist, vet visit, Coggins and vaccinations. Archie is currently shod in front and has moderately fair quality feet.