Almost Perfect (“Butters”)

Thoroughbred Gelding, Registered


DOB: 2016 Height: 16.1 H Location: Frederick County

Suitable Discipline(s):
English, Trails, Pleasure, Dressage
Rider Suitability:
Intermediate, Advanced
Handler Suitability:
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Information

Almost Perfect, aka “Butters”, is a 2016, 16.1h registered Thoroughbred gelding with a mellow and fun personality. Last raced in 2020, Butters earned over $50,000 at the track, with 19 starts that included 3 firsts and 1 second.

Butters’ current owner bought him after being impressed with how quietly he went in a ring with mare, considering he was directly off the track and still intact (he was castrated in February 2021). She nicknamed him “Butters” after a song called “Butterflies”, which was the song she walked down the aisle to when she married her husband, who has since passed. It was intended that Butters and his owner would compete in the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover. However, as he progressed in his training, Butters became sore and had a hard time with the right lead canter. Recent ultrasound images confirmed moderate arthritic changes in the right side SI joint. The vet recommended daily anti-inflammatories and joint injections to enable Butters to handle higher level riding, which his owner cannot afford to do.

We observed Butters from start to finish; from being caught in the field, to grooming, riding, and being turned back out. And we can honestly say that this boy is a gem. He was easy to catch and walked into the barn to the cross-ties without issues. He stood quietly for grooming and picked up all four feet with ease. He handled tacking up without issue, stood well for mounting, and walked quietly up to the ring. His owner had ridden him a couple days prior on an easy hack around the farm. Prior to that, it had been a couple weeks since he was last ridden. So our observation of him was pretty much at his “freshest”. He was a bit forward and strong at the trot and canter, but still very much manageable for a solid intermediate rider. He did seem a bit more stiff and resistant going to the right than the left. His owner said he sometimes needs a couple tries to pick up the right lead canter, but he got it on the first try when we were there. We observed him pop over a couple jumps outside of the ring. He is green over fences, which showed in his wiggly approach and overjump, but he was willing and eager.

Butters started experiencing some head-shaking earlier this year that was determined to be rooted in allergies. He is now getting allergy supplements in his feed, which has minimized his symptoms. The only time we really saw this behavior was when the flash noseband was applied. His owner said he has been ridden in a hackamore before and did well, so that may be a good alternative for him. Butters currently has front shoes and wears bell boots, since he has a tendency to clip himself. He is currently getting fed grain and alfalfa pellets 3x/day, but he could probably decrease to two meals if kept on good quality pasture. In his feed, he’s currently getting CoolCalories (weight), Histall (allergies), and Buteless 1x/day (arthritis).

This handsome boy would be best suited for an advanced beginner to intermediate handler and a solid intermediate rider. Without further treatment of his SI arthritis, he’d be best suited as a trail/pleasure horse. With treatment, he may be able to handle some lower level dressage or light jumping. He’s been turned out with both mares and geldings, but tends to be “annoying” with the mares, so would do best in a gelding only herd. Butters does crib, but a miracle collar and 24/7 turnout. He loads, bathes, and is good in stalls. Oh, and this boy LOVES Frosted Mini Wheats as a treat!

Butters has a wonderful personality and great temperament. He could make a really nice horse for someone willing and able to invest in what he needs to reach his full potential. If you could be that someone, let us know and inquire about Butters today!

Equibase Profile

5-X Pedigree