METS Staff

Jessica Avila-Franco

Development Officer

Katy Whipple

Assessments Specialist

Emily Stakem

Program Coordinator

Brittney Carow

Brittney Vallot

Program Consultant

METS Steering Committee

Neil Agate

Neil Agate

Neil is President of the Maryland Horse Council, an avid polo player, a software technology executive, and owner of Four Gates, LLC.

Amy Burk

Dr. Amy Burk

Dr. Burk is an Associate Professor and Coordinator for the Equine Studies Program in the Animal and Avian Sciences Department at the University of Maryland.

Erin Ochoa

Erin Ochoa

Erin is the Chief Executive Officer for Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

Peter Radue

Peter Radue, DVM

Dr. Radue currently serves as Vice President of the MFFH and runs his veterinary practice at Damascus Equine Associates in Mt. Airy.

Elizabeth Tate

Elizabeth Tate

Elizabeth is owner/operator of Paradise Stables, LLC, a state-of-the-art boarding facility in Frederick County, Maryland.