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History of mets

The Maryland Equine Transition Service is truly the first of its kind. It is a statewide initiative, developed and supported by the equine industry, to ensure that safe alternatives for horses needing transition are available and accessible to all owners who need the service. 

In June 2017, members of the MHC met with representatives from The Right Horse Initiative to discuss a potential partnership. In August 2017, about a dozen industry professionals met to brainstorm possibilities. It was at this meeting that the concept for METS was born.

The Right Horse Initiative awarded the MHC a generous three-year grant to pilot test the program in early 2018. In February 2022, the Maryland Equine Transition Service became a program of Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

METS is making history and is a win-win-win for horses, owners, and the equine industry.

Closeup of a horse grazing

METS' Mission: to provide Maryland owners with resources and assistance to make responsible decisions for their horses in need of transition.