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The Maryland Equine Transition Service (METS) is a statewide equine safety net initiative that provides safe alternatives for horses in need of transition by helping owners identify and select the best transition options for their horses.

About METS

METS has been developed to ensure that safe alternatives for horses needing homes are available and accessible to all owners who need the service. 


METS can facilitate that transition for horses and provide owners with the knowledge and tools to make the best (safest) decisions for their horses.

Horse Search

The Horses page lists horses available through METS.  Horses can be searched by location, age, breed, and discipline.


Is home to more than 100,000 horses

Horses in need of transition come in every shape, size, breed, color, age, training level, and temperament. METS provides individualized services for these horses, including equine assessment, marketing assistance, end-of-life support, and facilitating the transition of horses to new homes. 

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By donating to METS, you're helping provide assistance to more horses in need in Maryland.

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METS Partners are a group of industry professionals who believe that safe transition options should be available to all horses in Maryland.

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Volunteers play an important role in helping METS identify the right options for Maryland’s horses. Be part of a new, one-of-kind program.

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